What to Pack for DTS

1. The Bare Necessities

  1. Passport – Valid for at least 6 months AFTER DTS. Very important if you want to travel at all!
  2. English Bible, stationary and a journal (To write down all the amazing things God will speak to you!)
  3. Sleeping bag, pillow and pillowcase.
  4. Personal Towel. (Probably not recommended to share with others)
  5. Water bottle.
  6. Sunscreen/Sun block.
  7. Sunglasses. (For the beach or when you encounter God)
  8. Toiletries. (Most items can be bought from a local supermarket nearby)
  9. Backpack. (Suitcases are not recommended because of outreach)

2. Clothing

According to the season you are coming, please plan to dress accordingly. This is not a one-size-fits-all guideline because of the unpredictability of Muizenberg’s weather, but it would be wisest to have a generic plan.

  1. Winter (About 10 to 20 Degrees Celsius): June – August – Chilly and wet!
    Spring (About 13 to 23 Degrees Celsius): September – November
    Summer (About 17 to 30 Degrees Celsius): December – February – Warm and dry!
    Autumn/Fall (About 13 to 23 Degrees Celsius): March – May
  2. 3 Sets of Casual Wear (For classes and general activities)
  3. 1 Set of Semi-formal Wear (For church and special events)
  4. 1 Set of Swimwear (Be VERY modest.)
    For Men: No speedos or trunks. Only board shorts.
    For Women: A full one-piece bathing suit. No two-piece. Contact your church if you are unsure what an one-piece looks like.
  5. Sweater and Windbreaker (Muizenberg is known for its gusts of wind)
  6. Winter Jacket (For duh! winter)
  7. Shoes:
    1 Set for Hiking (Cape Town is known for hiking mountains with picturesque sights)
    1 Set for Special Events
    1 Set for Sports (Can be the same one for hiking to save space)
    1 Set of Casual (Flip-flops/Sandals)
  8. Socks and Underwear (Please do the community a favour and bring more than enough!)
    *Please note that everything mentioned above can be bought from a local shopping mall nearby and you may need to buy new clothes depending on which outreach location you will go to.

3. Optional Items

  1. Electronic devices (Cell phone, camera/laptop and their respective chargers) We suggest you bring as few expensive items as possible. They are brought at your own risk!
  2. Umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh!)
  3. Hairdryer, razors, personal care devices.
  4. Flashlight (Essential for sunrise hikes).
  5. Personal medication and dietary supplements. (Our local pharmacy is a 5-min walk from the Base)
  6. Musical Instruments (To impress your DTS crush).
  7. Accessories (To attract your DTS crush)
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