Titus Project

Bless, train, equip and encourage others within the church of Africa.

7 January 2019 – 22 March 2019 / Muizenberg, South Africa

The Church in Africa needs people that are willing to teach the Word of God, and to train others to do so. During your outreach you will have the opportunity to talk with Pastors, train them in Bible study, and to encourage them in their work. You will be involved in both teaching the church, and evangelism.

Titus Project at YWAM Muizenberg is a three-month program designed to equip School of Biblical Studies graduates to become teachers and to send them to places which are in desperate need of Bible teaching. Our goal is to equip the church in Africa with tools for studying the Bible for themselves. We target places with limited access to Bible teaching. Our goal is that our program participants will become life-long Bible teachers and continue to equip the church wherever they go, whether back home, or into long-term missions. The first three weeks are focused on training here in Muizenberg, South Africa. The next seven weeks are spent on outreach in small teams, focused on Bible teaching. The final week is spent debriefing.

During the first three weeks you’ll be part of the training phase, in which students learn how to prepare, present and illustrate Bible teachings. Each participant will teach and be evaluated three times during their training phase. While on outreach, team-mates will evaluate each other in order to continue their growth. The church in Africa needs you!

Did you know the events that occurred in the Bible from Adam, all the way to Jesus’ time before you did your SBS? Were your eyes opened by the beauty of God’s character as you studied each and every book? This project gives you the opportunity to bless, train, equip and encourage others. Are you joining us?

Training Phase | 3 weeks | Muizenberg

CLASS TIME: 18 hours/week
There are three weeks of intense training on how to teach the Bible in an Outreach context. The training phase is tough, but it needs to be in order to prepare our students for outreach where they may have to prepare on short notice. Classes are held every morning and some afternoons.


  • The Heart of a Teacher
  • Methods of Teaching and Preaching Preparation
  • Illustrating Your Teaching
  • Presenting Your Teaching (Communication)
  • Methods and Models for Teaching; Illustrating the Inductive Method of Bible Study in Foreign Cultures
  • Teaching Bible Overview
  • Teaching people who are Oral Learners
  • The course also includes training in personality types, team dynamics and cross-cultural communication.

Each participant will teach four times during the three weeks of training and they will be evaluated on their strengths and weaknesses. All practice teachings are first modelled by the staff.

Three books are part of our curriculum. They are read individually and then discussed in a group setting.

At least 3 hours per week will be set apart for prayer and worship.

Teams meet to pray and prepare for outreach.

Outreach Phase | 7 weeks

The goal of outreach is to pass on the tools of Inductive Bible Study to pastors so that they will be better equipped to teach their congregations. As a School we have felt for years that God has called us to reach out and invest in Africa. This is why all of our outreaches are on this continent.

There are two major topics which we teach on our outreaches, the first one being “The Inductive Method through the book of Philemon”. Many countries and tribes have been ripped apart by war. And as a School we have seen over and over again how God has used this teaching to bring about forgiveness, reconciliation, and healing amongst the people through this small book.

The second major teaching we do is “Bible Overview” which conveys the complete story of God’s redemption and faithfulness to His promises made to mankind which are all fulfilled in and through Jesus.

For each Titus Project, we pray about the outreach locations. We always prioritise giving back to South Africa, as this is the country where our work is based. Depending on the number of students on the School, we may then also go to other countries within Africa. Past outreach locations include: Togo, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, Malawi and others.

If you have any questions about the Titus Project, check the frequently asked question page or send us a question below.  Check our packing list as well!

Meet your school leader!


Raphael has worked with Titus Project for the past 4 years. After having done his DTS in 2008 at YWAM Barbados, he joined the FEET team based in Hong Kong to travel through Asia for an extended outreach. After having worked for a couple of years in the Netherlands he decided to do a SBS in Muizenberg, and did his Titus Project right after that in the Western Cape in South Africa. Seeing the need for sound teaching, and the hunger in people and the churches, he decided to come back and continue to teach within the churches in Cape Town. He loves to journey with people and discover God’s heart in the Bible. He lives in Muizenberg, with his wife Brooke, who is currently doing her SBS in Muizenberg.


Starts on: 7th January 2019
Until: 22nd March 2019
Duration: 11 weeks

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Tuition Cost

YWAM Muizenberg has a category system which aims to enable all students, regardless of social or economic background, to attend our training programmes. The fees below are according to category. You can find out more about our fees, which category you fall into and financial policies here.

Lecture/ Training Fees:
Cat A: R6920
Cat B: R5080
Cat C: R4460

Note: The fee includes accommodation, food, transport during lecture phase, events, and school materials. Airport pickup fee of R 200 is excluded.

Outreach Phase Fees:

Approximately R14,000 to R25,000 depending on location.

Application Registration Fees:
(Although this fee is part of the application process, these fees will be added to your school fee to avoid expensive bank charges for depositing small amounts of money)
Cat A: R500
Cat B: R300
Cat C: R250

In addition to the above, all students should allow some money for personal items, laundry, leisure etc which are not covered by the school fees.


Questions | 2019 | Titus Project

If you have any questions about the Titus Project, please let us know!

Come and make a difference and do this exciting Titus Project!


Before you apply for Titus Project, you must have completed a first level school (like a DTS) and an SBS. Both of these are required in order to do the Titus Project. See more info at University of the Nations.