Value #7 – Be Decentralized

The 7th of YWAM’s 18 Foundational Values is to “Be Decentralized.” This means that YWAM does not have a “home base” and we are rather joined together by our shared beliefs and values. Each YWAM base has the responsibility and privilege to represent our Christ-centered, faith-based values in our own unique and diverse ways. We […]

Value #5 – Be Visionary

The fifth of YWAM’s 18 Foundational Values is to “Be Visionary.” If YWAM shines at anything, it’s nurturing and releasing the vision that God has placed on the hearts of its individuals and communities. If you have ever been a part of YWAM, it is likely you have been encouraged to pursue the dreams of […]

Value #3 – Hear God’s Voice

The third of YWAM’s 18 Foundational Values is to “Hear God’s Voice.” Some of the ways God speaks is through words, dreams, visions, songs, nature, or one another. One way we can practice hearing His voice is through dreaming with Him… As we are coming out of the intense part of the pandemic and lockdown, […]

Value #4 – Practice Worship and Intercessory Prayer.

The fourth of YWAM’s 18 Foundational Values is to “Practice Worship and Intercessory Prayer.” In a hurting and broken world, Jesus invites us to bring our burdens to Him. We were never meant to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders. Worship and Intercession are expressions of communing with God, of seeking His […]

Value #1 – Know God.

Know God

he first of YWAM’s 18 foundational values is to “Know God.” How do you get to know God? In what ways do you find you best relate to Him?