School of Biblical Studies (SBS)

22nd September 2022 - 30th June 2023 / Cape Town, South Africa


The School of Biblical Studies is a nine-month course in which you get to see the bigger picture of God’s Word.


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The curriculum is designed to help you develop a solid, basic working knowledge of development, scripture-based development values, fundamental skills, Godly character, and good relationships.

The twelve-week lecture phase includes:


What to expect from the SBS?

The SBS (School of Biblical Studies) is a nine month course focusing on all 66 books of the Bible. We use the inductive approach to study, which teaches the students to observe what the text says, to interpret the text through the eyes of the original reader, and how to apply the timeless trauths to their own lives. In effect, allowing the living Word of God to speak for itself.

The School of Biblical Studies will equip you to study God’s Word for yourself, while challenging you to take what you have learned and give it to others. The SBS will enable you to understand the “big picture” of the Bible, laying a solid foundation for your life ministry. We trust that the SBS here in Muizenberg will be a place where the Spirit of God will come and transform your life while bringing healing, renewal, greater understanding of the nature and character of God, His Word and His purposes. It is our hope that this time will stir up within you a new vision and passion for reaching the nations with the true Gospel of God. Take a look at the SBS international website for more information.


Optional outreach
There is an outreach offered through the Titus Project at the completion of the nine months. This is a twelve-week program that includes training on teaching and preaching, instruction on the inductive method, as well as presentation skills. The focuses of these outreaches are Cape Town and other areas in Africa that struggle to get Bible teaching. The outreach is a fantastic opportunity to give out what you have been gaining during the school. The ministries you will serve in this time are long term and ongoing. This gives students the opportunity to return on staff full-time both in the classroom and the field.

Other information

For those interested in this program, they would need to apply for a special extended visa in their home country before coming. Please be aware that this can take some time as it requires a background check and often an in-person visit to the nearest South African embassy.

UofN Code: CHR 213

Start date: 22th September 2022

End date: 30th June 2023

Length: 9 months

Language: English

Location: Muizenberg

The SBS is divided into three Quarters:

Quarter #1: 22nd Sep 2022 – 16th Dec 2022

Quarter #2: 9th Jan 2023 – 31st Mar 2023

Quarter #3: 10th April 2023 – 30th June 2023

When finished this program gives you

36 Credits

with the University of the Nations

(12 for each quarter)


the only prerequisite is a DTS

This school is a second level course. That means that a first level school (like a DTS) is required in order to do the SBS. See more info at the website of the University of the Nations.


YWAM Muizenberg has a category system which aims to enable all students, regardless of social or economic background, to attend our training programmes. The fees below are according to category. You can find out more about our fees, which category you fall in to and financial policies here.

Costs are TBA

*Cost PER-quarter:
Category A:
Category B:
Category C:

Meet The School Leaders!


Tshepang was born 30 years ago in a village just outside of Pretoria called Mmametlhake. For the past 9 years he has served with YWAM, particularly with a ministry called “A Life Together” which focuses on developing global peace and justice centered training initiatives. For the past two years he has studied with award winning peacemaker, Jarrod Mckenna and aboriginal elders Ray and Aunty Sharon Minniecon of Scarred Trees Ministry. Through this near decade-long journey, Tsepang has rediscovered Jesus and the Gospel as an ongoing work of personal and social liberation, while deepening his appreciation for his cultural heritage. Topics of passion for him are restorative justice and peacemaking.


Tonya Stanfield has served for 25 years as a minister, activist, teacher, writer, missionary, and most recently, spiritual director. She adores wading with others into the deep places of faith, asking the hard questions, and challenging the Church toward a fuller vision and experience of Jesus’ radical love. Besides working with the LTN, she currently is on staff with The Centre for Christian Formation’s Master’s degree program. She founded 1 counter-human trafficking ministry, helped found a safe house, is the author of Traffick Proof, and walked with her husband as he founded 1 ethno-doxology ministry and programs to alleviate the sting of poverty in local communities. All of this has caused her to live on 3 continents and travel to 53 countries. Somewhere along the way she acquired 2 incredible kids, 2 fluffy dogs, a Master’s degree in Christian Spiritual Formation and Discipleship, and a spiritual director’s certification.

Steven Schallert

Steve Schallert

Steve is a husband, father, international speaker, activist, musician and avid follower of the Jesus Way. Having traveled to over 60 countries and witnessing along the way the best and worst that humanity is capable of, Steve’s driving passion is to champion and equip the body of Christ for active peacemaking & works of justice through building compassion for the poor and provoking imagination. He currently serves on the Training Leadership Team for YWAM Muizenberg and is the co-founder of A Life Together, a global and grassroots network of peacemakers and peace practitioners creating waves.

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