September New Beginnings DTS

22nd September 2022- 24th February 2023 / Cape Town, South Africa

Your journey to discover your call in the Great Commission starts here…

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) gives you an opportunity to discover your passion and your part in God’s purpose for the world. It is for those who desire to follow Jesus in deeper and new ways with a unique perspective. We find our purpose as we discover His global purpose!

Youth With a mission school

Our vision for this school

A DTS in the heart of Cape Town, but not in the vibrant city centre, nor the main base in the surfer suburb Muizenberg, but rather in Manenberg, in the heart of the Cape Flats. Almost all of the communities of the Cape Flats remain to various degrees poverty stricken and face serious challenges, among them a high rate of unemployment, crime and disturbing levels of gang activity. At the same time these areas are full of life, with lots of amazing young and gifted people growing up with the odds staked against them. Be part of pioneering a new DTS not only in but also for the Cape Flats, happening in notorious Manenberg, which will have ripple effects for many other communities. We dream to see internationals and locals from different backgrounds and walks of life coming together, experiencing unity in diversity, walking and dreaming together, going deeper with God and discovering God’s heart for you, the communities around you and even the world. “

What is a dts?


The DTS exists because we have a passion to see the body of Christ Engaging God in a way that is relevant to this generation. When we Engage God we can know His heart for Embracing everyone, especially those who are being oppressed and exploited.

What does God have to say about racism, xenophobia, refugees, etc? These are just some of today’s big topics that we will discuss and gain a greater understanding of. We are called to be the light of the world according to Matthew 5:14, and we will look at how this is possible in the midst of a world that is asking questions and feeling more confused.

We will have teachers from all over the world, from various church and cultural backgrounds, give their input on the school. The topics will cover a wide range from how to Hear the Voice of God to having a Biblical Worldview, all with the intention of knowing God deeper. Outside of the classroom students can enjoy the local life by visiting all the coffee shops, surfing or taking a good book and reading it while overlooking the South Atlantic Ocean.

How does a dts look like?

Here you will discover what it means to be a disciple of Jesus by discovering Him through His Word, His People and His Ways. You’ll not only learn from teachers but also from community living and practical training. Growth takes place not only in the classroom, but in all aspects of life. This is why the DTS Lecture Phase is structured in so that the, whole experience is a learning environment and opportunity for growth. Small groups, discussions, community outreach, worship times, and more, are all ways that you will have opportunity to encounter God and be shaped by Him. 

Over 3 billion people have not heard about Jesus and we are going to change that! We believe that discipleship is not complete until you, a disciple, begin to make disciples. Therefore, we will go out into the nations and declare His Good News to His people.You will have a chance to discover your abilities and gifting as you care for people and put into practice what you have learned during the Lecture Phase. You’ll be spending 9 – 10 weeks serving in various locations, locally and internationally with a team from your DTS. Outreach locations vary depending on the school and/or focus. You will find out your outreach location during the school.

We will spend around 1-2 weeks after outreach back in Muizenberg in order to debrief.

If you have any questions about this DTS , check out the frequently asked questions page or send us a question below. If you don’t know what to pack, check our packing list as well!

René & Sandra

School leaders

We are René & Sandra with Tyron, Taesha & Dylan (and Zoë who is in heaven already). We are living and working in Manenberg and started a NPO called “New Beginnings – Nuwe Begin – Iziqalo Ezintsha”.

We feel God calling us to work with broken young people in the gang hotspots of the Cape Flats. For the last few years we are working in Pollsmoor prison, both in the Female Centre among juvenile girls awaiting-trial as well as sentenced ladies and in the Maximum Security prison on the gangster floor. Further we work with young homeless on the streets of the CBD and operate a refurbished double-decker bus as a mobile youth and community centre for young high-risk people in the gang hotspots of the Cape Flats, currently in Manenberg.

We aim to love these young people into the kingdom, inspire them to dream again and create a safe and peaceful space simply to be. We are passionate to be and journey with young broken people, esp. those involved in gangsterism and drugs, and seeing the desire for change grow until they decide to break out of their self-destructive behavioural cycles and making choices that lead to dignity and life and to see lies about themselves, God and others being replaced with God’s truth. We also love to see God bringing quietness and peace in volatile situations, esp. during prayer walks in shooting zones during gang wars.

Last but not least we try to build bridges between the different “worlds” in this city that is still so divided in regards to cultural, socio-economic and theological backgrounds and build partnerships with likeminded churches and organisations in the communities and still have lots of ideas and visions for the near future!

UofN Code: DSP 211/212

Start date: 22th September 2022

End date: 24th Feb 2023

Length: 5 Months

Language: English

Location: Manenberg

When finished this program gives you

23 Credits


This school is the entry level course for anything you want to do in YWAM, whether that is becoming a full-time staff member or continuing on in your education through the University of the Nations.


YWAM Muizenberg has a category system which aims to enable all students, regardless of social or economic background, to attend our training programmes. The fees below are according to category. You can find out more about our fees, which category you fall in to and financial policies here.

*Lecture Fees:
Category A:
Category B:
Category C:
Outreach Phase:
Will cost R35,000.

Meet The School Leader!

Noah Fensome

I moved to Cape Town joined YWAM Muizenberg staff in January 2018. I’m originally from Vancouver, Canada where I was involved with an organization called Young Life. I have a heart for discipleship and to see the body of Christ empowered to live a life lead by the spirit! While I have no family in South Africa, It’s definitely earned a special place in my heart over the past few years!

I love to play guitar, sing, surf, and spend time with people. Some of my favorite artists are “Sleeping at last”, “City and Colour”. I also love traveling (especially by airplane) which is a massive plus when you work with YWAM.

Two years ago, I staffed the “E&E” DTS, Last year I lead it for the first time, and this year I’m unbelievably excited to be leading it again in 2020. Come join me and some of my favorite people in the world (the staff +Jesus) for a program that can change your life!

School leaders message

Join us

Come and join YWAM Muizenberg on this journey and form part of our vibrant, diverse community as we discover more of God together!

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