N2N + His Bridge Madagascar Celebration

N2N Madagascar + His Bridge Celebration

Nations 2 Nations Madagascar is celebrating 20 years and His Bridge is celebrating 30 years! YWAM Muizenberg is hosting this exciting event on 23rd of March 2024. Join the Party!

Overview of Nations 2 Nations

Nations to Nations is an international movement that seeks to restore the identity, dignity and destiny of nations. As a movement within Youth with a Mission, we seek to work with the body of Christ and invite all to come to the celebration before throne of God. The God of creations started with a man and a woman in the Garden, and it will end with every tongue, tribe, people and nation in His presence!

Our goal is to see Revelations 7:9 lived and nurtured here on earth for as it is written, in eternity …

… People gathered, from many nations, tribes and peoples, clothed in their national costumes, celebrating God in His diversity and uniqueness. Songs, dances, prayers and sounds resounded throughout the place; praises and worship is uttered in many languages; everyone is celebrating and honoring God’s creation, celebrating Him in all Peoples, Tribes and Nations.

Hery and Sonia

Their missionary journey started in YWAM Muizenberg 30 years ago when Hery did
his DTS [Discipleship Training School] in 1993 and Sonia in 1998. The YWAM Muizenberg base was a home base from where they stepped out to Madagascar to lead their pioneer work of YWAM Madagascar in 1994, 30 years ago in 2024!

Hundreds of Malagasy and South Africans have been going in and out of both
countries fulfilling their calling and vision from God.

Hery and Sonia with their two children serve them in their journey like door opener and facilitator.

Hery and Sonia led N2N [From the Nations to the Nations] Madagascar since 2003 which created a platform for door opening and facilitating through time of nation celebrations, prayers, and mission opportunities. Many young Malagasy responded
to the challenge and went on outreaches overseas to reach other nations like South Africa, Brazil… 20 years of N2N contributed in fanning the mission flame for us!

Proclaiming his Goodness "HIS BRIDGE"

HIS BRIDGE refers to Hery & Sonia’s divine assignment to be a special connection between Madagascar and South Africa since their marriage in 1997. That assignment is to fulfill God’s work plan, Hery sensed, to build a spiritual bridge between Madagascar and South Africa since 1992.

Would you like to hear more? Watch this one: join ‘His Bridge’, celebrate God’s faithfulness and goodness in the past 30 years in mission, and 20 years of N2N Madagascar at the Ubuntu hall of YWAM Muizenberg on Saturday 23rd March 2024.

Length: 1 day

Time: 16h30-18h30 SAST

Location: YWAM Muizenberg Ubuntu Center, Muizenberg, Cape Town


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Join us

Come and join us on this epic journey as we go deeper with God and His heart for people and nations.