Feedback With Dignity (FWD) Seminar


For staff to be made aware of the SHAME of EDUCATIONAL WOUNDING. And to help train staff on how to give feedback to the student without causing more shame. One of YWAM values are to value the individual. Meaning “all size does not fit all” I want staff to give feedback, not from their cultural background, but to give feedback to the student from a view point that would be honoring to the student and helpful to the learning process of the student.

What to expect

The overall goal of this seminar FWD is for each participant to deepen their understanding of shame.

To identify how they have been cripples by the power of shame, and to walk in awareness of not causing shame on others.

Using the narrative of scripture from Trinity to new creation, to live out lives in Christ, with more awareness and appreciation of the presence of God with us on this journey of fighting shame in our own life and the ability to facilitate a save platform for other who are in the same process.  


These are a couple of the topics that we cover:


UofN Code:

EDN 143



Start date:

29th August 2022

End date:

16th September 2022


3 weeks


To be announced

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