1st - 26th May 2023 / Cape Town, South Africa

Grow in character, become equipped in leadership & capture the heart of discipleship!


This seminar will help you to be an effective DTS Staff. It will provide you with skills and the necessary foundation of what it means to be a DTS staff member. The “Gear Up” is aimed to develop your character, leadership skills and to capture the very heart of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and to disciple others. Thereby this intensive seminar will equip you to become a skilled discipler for DTS and beyond!


This seminar also serves as a time to connect with other staff members of DTS’s in the region and see how we can collaborate and strengthen one another.

What will be covered:

Week 1: The Identity & character of the Disciple

  • In this week the DTS Staff will spend time to discover afresh their identity in Christ as they disciple their students. 
  • The character of the staff

Week 2: Interpersonal & Relational skills

  • Relational skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Effective communication  
  • Cross cultural communication
  • Discipling “difficult” students/staff
  • Leading in diversity

Week 3: DTS Reframe & Curriculum 

  • God’s story
  • Our Story
  • Purpose, outcomes, Guidelines
  • One on One’s
  • Small Groups
  • Class Facilitation

Week 4: Outreach

  • What is outreach and what isn’t a DTS outreach?
  • What is evangelism?
  • Preparing outreaches
  • “Fruitful” outreach practices
  • Principles of a good outreach schedule
  • How do we motivate students on outreach?

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Start date: 1st May 2023
End date: 26th May 2023
Length: 4 weeks
Language: English
Location: Muizenberg


The cost of this seminar is different from other YWAM Muizenberg seminars.

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Join us

Come and join us on this epic journey as we go deeper with God and His heart for people and nations.