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Do you have a desire to know God and make Him known? Come join us and discover the call of God on your life!

A Discipleship Training School (DTS) is more of an experience than a school. It is a journey where you develop truth, faith and character.

What is DTS?

What is a DTS?

Start of the school:
Going on outreach:
5 months Weeks

If finished this program gives you

23 Credits


YWAM Muizenberg has a category system which aims to enable all students, regardless of social or economic background, to attend our training programmes. The fees below are according to category. You can find out more about our fees, which category you fall in to and financial policies here.

*Lecture Fees:
Category A:
Category B:
Category C:
Outreach Phase:
Approximately R35,000 depending on location.
Registration Fees:
(Although this fee is part of the application process, these fees will be added to your school fee to avoid expensive bank charges for depositing small amounts of money.)
Category A:
Category B:
Category C:


This school is the entry level course for anything you want to do in YWAM, whether that is becoming a full-time staff member or continuing on in your education through the University of the Nations.

How does a dts look like?

The first part of the DTS will take place at YWAM Muizenberg on the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa. During lectures we will spend time worshipping God together, seeking His heart and searching in His Word for His ways. We will engage in intercession for nations and evangelism in this nation. The DTS is geared to disciple each person by creating a live-learn environment where we rub shoulders with those of different cultures. As we discover others cultures we see more of how God made us and we can celebrate the diversity. Every part of the DTS is designed with help from the Holy Spirit in order to facilitate growth. You will be challenged to live lives that reflect Christ in all you do. While on outreach, we focus on those that don’t have existing relationships with God yet – reconciling them to their Heavenly Father.

Continuing in a posture of learning and with a vision of “the Beloved Community”, our final three months of DTS will consist of splitting into smaller focused outreach teams and heading to the nations. Carrying the two handed gospel which seeks to meet both the physical and spiritual needs of people, we will continue our communal discipleship journey while serving communities of conflict throughout the world. The hope for the outreach phase is for you to be students of the people, places, and stories which you will come into contact with while discovering and sharing the heart of Jesus and supporting various ministries and Kingdom movements along the way.

We will spend around 1-2 weeks after outreach back in Muizenberg in order to debrief.

If you have any questions about this DTS, check out the frequently asked questions page or send us a question below. If you don’t know what to pack, check our packing list as well!

Join us

Come and join us on this epic journey as we learn to ENGAGE God and EMBRACE the world!

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