Our buildings


The biggest building among all the property of YWAM Muizenberg; the main base conducts classes on a daily basis. Several other facilities the base provides include accommodation rooms, dining areas, laundry rooms, a coffee shop and a courtyard.

the base ywam muizenberg
the office ywam muizenberg


Situated right beside the base, the office is an integral property of YWAM Muizenberg where the backstage operations function from.
Every student and staff member has to undergo the systematic office protocols and procedures before becoming an official part of YWAM Muizenberg.


Home to the Communications and Marketing Department and the School of Biblical Studies Department.
The Rock is perfectly located in the heart of Muizenberg where students can access a supermarket, the beach, multiple coffee shops and the park in a mere 5-minute walk.

The rock ywam muizenberg
royal house ywam muizenberg


Located a mere 5-minute walk away from the base, Royal House is used to provide accommodation for students when the full capacity in the base is reached.


A new addition to YWAM Muizenberg and one of the two buildings in Cromer Road which YWAM Muizenberg owns, the Cromer Building functions as additional accommodation space.

cromer house ywam muizenberg