Our YWAM Muizenberg community is made up not only of diverse nationalities, but also a wide range of ages and stages of life. ⁠

Today we highlight our children—⁠

Out of our 165 current staff we have 43 families with children, with the children ranging from infants to adults. ⁠

We have 79 children under 18 years old, and 17 adult missionary kids, making a total of 96 total kids represented amongst us!⁠

Needless to say, we love and embrace our children, and they are always welcome at our gatherings. It may be lively and noisy at times, but we love the life they bring and the unique way they hear God and reveal Him to us with their faith, teaching us childlikeness. ⁠

As YWAM we value families, which is number 15 of our 18 Foundational Values. ⁠

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