The physical abuse wasn’t what hurt me the most, but the words my father would speak over me and my life. He told me I was useless and would never be someone in life. He not once told me I looked
beautiful. Life with him was difficult, and because of that I went to live on the streets at the age of 13.
My turnaround point was during University. My roommate there was a Christian. I didn’t like her and didn’t want to hear anything about it, because my father had called himself a Christian. But there was something about her, and she always invited me to Bible study. One Wednesday, a girl shared her story, and she had a similar past to mine. What shocked me was the way she talked about it. You could see a peace in her that showed me that despite the pain, she was free. It was the kind of peace I was longing for a long time.
What followed was a process of getting to know God and I really struggled. All my insecurities came to the surface, because of the many negative things my father had said to me. It still is an ongoing battle of the mind, and to fight the lies, I had to keep going back to God’s words over and over again: I am beautiful, I am made in his image, I am his daughter. I’m still on this journey, but I love what God is doing in my life. And I feel like I’m at a place right
now where my story can be somebody’s hope.

– // Tutumama, Malawi
Student of Children At Risk School 2018

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