“Rebellion was my best friend. I had a passion to preach the Word of God ever since I was a kid. I remember I would stand in my neighbour’s yards and preach to them every day. However, when I entered high school, my first rebellion kicked in. I got introduced into the world of drugs and made friends who had terrible influence on me. These took me away from everything that was good in my life; God, studies, family, etc. I remember a voice speaking to me saying, “I must make a right decision” when I was contemplating suicide under the influence of glue. I started to have a conversation with that voice and my friend sitting beside me thought I was insane. After I told my family, they prayed for me and God cleansed all the toxic away from my body, even anointing me with the Holy Spirit to minister to others in hospitals and the streets. Unfortunately, after a series of events, I was seduced back into the world of drugs. My second rebellion. Despite that, God was still in pursuit of me, and brought me into the world of YWAM. The week before my DTS started, my body was still filled with crystal meth. Throughout DTS, I managed to be clean for a while until I fell into my third rebellion. I found myself drinking to the point of alcohol poisoning and was sent into the hospital. Though my life is an open mess, God still fixed me up and I’ve been free from alcohol and drugs since then. Looking at my life, I want to encourage others by saying that God will never leave you nor abandon you no matter how lonely you feel, and He is in desperate and constant pursuit of you even when you leave Him.”
// Ethan, South Africa

– Student of PALL DTS ‘17

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