• Our ministry vision and passion is two fold

EMBRACE // “Our ministry vision and passion is two fold—
1. To do whatever we can (DTS outreaches to unreached location, prayer initiatives, etc.) to mobilize people to reach the unreached 
2. Partnering with the local South African Church to be a multiplier of South Africans going into missions.

Currently Czernon is living out our passion by serving on the Training leadership team at YWAM Muizenberg focusing on the vision to train 10,000 missionaries of which at least 2000 are to be South Africans, as well as connecting with local church partners through local DTS outreaches. Lucy is serving in Personnel, Finance and Training with the focus on how we can multiply missions through all areas of our YWAM community of +-160 staff.

I (Czernon) asked God that before I get married to the person of my dreams that I would have the opportunity to go on outreach with her and see her character and how she deals with difficult situations…what comes out of her when there is pressure. God answered my prayer and made a way for me to lead Lucy’s outreach and seeing her character and love for Jesus and commitment to kingdom building, I fell in love and the rest is history.

Czernon has been serving on the Ywam Muizenberg for 17 years and Lucy 13 years.”

Lucy + Czernon // South Africa // YWAM Muizenberg Leadership

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