“If you are a real God why did you take my dad away?” I grew up in a missionary family, and I have been involved in ministries since I was born. By the age of nine my mom led me to the Lord and I accepted Jesus as my personal savior.
Even though I was Christian I still struggled spending time with God. I many times questioned God that if He was real why he took my father when I needed him the most. I knew that God is my Heavenly Father, who looks after me, but I always longed for my father. I was two years old when he passed away and I don’t have memories of him or know how his voice sounded like. I always longed for a father who could take me to school and do everything my friends could do with theirs.
I know God has a brighter future for me. I want to have an intimate relationship Him, grow closer to Him, and experience his Father heart as He heals me.
In this season I am learning that God is always there for me as he desires to have a relationship with us. He longs to fellowship with his children! I encourage others who are going through the same experience to keep their faith in God. Despite all difficulties in life know that God always has a brighter future for you. //Sunayana Silas, India. -Student of Engage and Embrace DTS’18

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