“I would never EVER be a missionary. That was what I told myself when I was in Campus Crusade. Being a missionary means instability financially, physically, mentally, and even spiritually. I wanted, like every Singaporean, live a life of comfort. A life so insecure was not for me. No way. Before my DTS, I told myself I would go to university to become a teacher for the rest of my life. However, during my outreach to the slums of Smoky Mountain in Philippines, I saw how depraved people were, not just spiritually but also in every aspect of life. One incident that was etched in my memory was this house visitation; I called it the House on Stilts because it was built on 4-6 stilts with only 2 rooms covered by a piece of cloth. An expectant lady with her 2-year old son lived in there. They didn’t know where their next meal is going to come from if it were going to come at all. It broke me completely and my comfortable worldview. How could I continue living for myself and my comforts after seeing something like that? ‘HERE I AM, SEND ME!’, I remember myself echoing the words of Isaiah the prophet at an altar call for missions. This was almost 2 year ago now, and I haven’t regret a single step taken towards this direction. I would encourage others that there is no greater fulfilment in life than living the life that God has prepared for you, whether it be in the marketplace or the mission field. What’s most important is you don’t settle for anything lesser and simply say YES to wherever God brings you.”

// Roy, Singapore

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