“I was abused since I was 3. It started with emotional abuse and gradually grew into possibly every sort of abuses when I got into an unhealthy relationship. I knew that it was wrong and I left him. However, it didn’t take too long before I found myself in another abusive relationship, this time even to the point of physical hurt. So I left that guy this year and decided to do a DTS. When I found Living Loved DTS, I knew that this was the one for me. God basically led me to do my DTS here in Muizenberg and provided all that I needed miraculously. Throughout DTS, God wrecked me every single week. I had a picture of an emotional infected scab on myheart that God had to kept peeling off and removing the infection, and it was excruciating, but it brought a lot of healing in the hurt of my past. Among all the other things that God has taught me, as the description of the DTS says, I simply learned to live loved better through this DTS. I realised that, the better I felt loved by God, the better I could love others. To me, God is meticulously concerned about every little thing in my life and it brings me so much courage that God always has my back in everything that I do, from preaching in churches to doing my work duties. I believe God wants to be present in the all and every of our lives and I would encourage others to be mindful of that and include Him always.” –
// Jenna, Hungary
Student of PALL DTS ’17

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