“I want to be uncomfortable with things and be OK with it. I grew up as a YWAM missionary kid and had always fit in everywhere and yet nowhere. Because of this, the sense of familiarity I had with God and with YWAM had always been something that followed me. However, familiarity could never replace belonging, and throughout my DTS, I’ve been trying to convert that sense of familiarity to a sense of belonging in God’s heart. Also because of familiarity, I’ve learned to be adaptable to uncomfortable situations effortlessly, almost unconsciously even. To an extent, it is a gift. However, I have started to see how it can become negative as I start to lose sight of who I really am, what I like and dislike, and having discomfort when things are uncomfortable. I feel that God is showing me how this adaptability can act as a shield that I hide behind in times of discomfort, and I believe that God has raised me to be stronger than just cowering and learning to have the courage to be myself. My journey with God now is simply trying to get to know myself more, having my own opinions, and drawing closer to a personal relationship with God. ”
// Emma, Slovakia

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