I was friends with a few of the YWAM Muizenberg worship leaders and I inquired what it was they did besides worship. They mentioned the Discipleship Training School. 2 months later I enrolled to do a DTS in Muizenberg, and we went on outreach to Reunion Island and Madagascar.

It was in Madagascar that I heard God speaking to me about doing this as my full time occupation. I heard very clearly that He will use me to disciple and champion young men and woman to seek His face and walk with Him and through doing this reach the full potential that He created them for.

Later that year I did a Leadership Training School ( LTS ) and thereafter joined the Prayer Room which is the ministry I serve with now.

Currently I have stepped down from my prayer room duties and will lead the ACTS 29 DTS starting on the 27th May, 2021.

-Chad Williams / South Africa 🇿🇦/ YWAM Muiz staff member

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