EQUIP // “When we first came to the DTS we really connected, but I guess it was during week 5 which was Justice and Mercy where we saw a kindred spirit in each other. One with the same passion, the same heart for that said topic, about South Africa specifically. It was interesting to have this common unity in what our heart desires but to be able to come together and say what it was like growing up in the black community, and mine in the white community. And how these two, especially in light of justice and mercy, don’t have to be separate, but it can be one unified goal and one vision for this country particularly as we move forward; and getting a biblical narrative of how we go about this. Not just the topic in isolation, but the topics together. How justice, mercy, and Jesus work together, and how that applies to South Africa. It’s a good representation of what we hope South Africa will get to in the future, and what we are working toward now. How does South Africa look from a white and a black perspective in relation to Jesus Christ, and for the youth as well?’

That has been one of our biggest take aways from the DTS so far. It has been really special to live in community with everyone, but specifically other South Africans. It stopped being just about what we learned in class, but we found ways of how we can apply this in our day to day lives as living not just South Africans but in a multicultural setting and how we can represent this vision to one another coming from different places and different countries and ethnicities and world views.”

Kayla from Cape Town, Owethu from Durban/ Johannesburg // YWAM Muizenberg DTS students

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