EQUIP // I grew up in a Hindu family. I had no idea about who Jesus was. I did my DTS in 2010 in Bangalore because I wanted to know this God who answers prayer. I had heard the testimony of two missionary kids talking about God and seeing miracles. Coming from a Hindu background, brought up in Hinduism, dedicated to temple god, being a part of all the offering and sacrifices, being married with a spirit, all sorts of things I had done in my life…I wanted to know who THIS God was. While doing DTS I encountered Jesus. After finishing DTS I went back to Nepal and got baptized. My journey with YWAM is very special.

Right now I am doing LTS. It has been blessing. I had so many expectations from Christian leaders while I was doing mission work after I received the Lord, and I saw a lot of failing leadership in the mission field. I saw people coming from non christian family background expecting that people in leadership will reflect the love of Christ in leadership. That was my expectation, and I felt like their life was not matching.

Being in LTS I have learned what is Christ-like leadership, and what it means to have a servant heart and serve. I believe I am called to serve. I am called to be a person who can listen and be there for people. I have learned that God has called me just the way I am…I do not have to prove to be someone else- he has called me and blessed me with his portion of anointing to do what he has called me to.

I am passionate about children at risk- I work with kids in red light area…doing legal documents and rescuing them from those risky areas and putting them into families or under institutions. I go council women to encourage and motivate them to get out of that work and find a job, and reunite children and families. My heart beats for children. When I go back to Nepal I want to focus my attention to underprivileged children, as well as education, community development and women empowerment.

Sulochana // Nepal // LTS student

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