• Value #3 – Hear God’s Voice

The third of YWAM’s 18 Foundational Values is to “Hear God’s Voice.”

Some of the ways God speaks is through words, dreams, visions, songs, nature, or one another.

One way we can practice hearing His voice is through dreaming with Him…

As we are coming out of the intense part of the pandemic and lockdown, our YWAM Muizenberg community is in a season of dreaming again with God about the future and all that He has for us.

We invite you to join us in hearing God’s voice and prayerfully ask Him, “What dreams are you putting on my heart?”

Wait, listen, trust that He will speak to you…He wants to dream with you again.


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A multi-cultural community who embraces, equips, and launches all people into all nations to reveal Christ and His Kingdom. To know God and to make Him known.

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