We’ve been running for about two weeks and we’ve learned so much about God’s goodness in community!

We are so excited for what God’s going to do in this school!

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I guess it was during week 5 where we saw a kindred spirit in each other.
EQUIP // “When we first came to the DTS we really connected, but I guess it was during week 5
I needed a training
EQUIP // “My name is Odwa, I was born in Eastern Cape but grew up in Free State. I am
Acts 29 DTS arrival day
These staff are excited about it being Acts 29 DTS arrival day!! 🎉⚡️🔥 We are thrilled to be welcoming students
The Children at Risk (CAR) DTS
Too good not to share! 😍 Children at Risk (CAR) DTS, September 2021- February 2022. CAR second level school begins