On Beauty

If there’s anyone who’s a homebody in this world – it’s me. I haven’t always been one, but the pandemic, a touch of social anxiety, and, The Handmaid’s Tale have all certainly transformed me into one. But sometimes, I need some garlic bread in my belly so I need to run to the store, or […]

YWAM Port St. John’s: Proteas and Open Doors

We sat down to interview Meyer, who has recently pioneered YWAM Port St. John’s as a ministry under YWAM Muizenberg. It was so beautiful to hear the story of how this all came to be – and to hear his heart for the Eastern Cape. The interview is quite long, but it’s so worth reading […]

June 16th and Youth Month in South Africa

If you have ever been to South Africa, or are planning on coming here for an outreach, you would definitely be already aware and prepared for its beauty, charm and charisma. However, what few visitors sadly do not do, is spend enough time getting to know the history of this land. This task is especially […]

Ascension Day

Ascension Day (& All the Days that Came Before).Beyond all question, the mystery from which true godliness springs is great:He appeared in the flesh,was vindicated by the Spirit,seen by angels,preached among the nations,believed on in the world, and taken up in glory. 1 Timothy 3:16 I don’t know about you, but, as a child, I […]

Colourful beach huts on Muizenberg beach

“Whether they are called beach huts, beach boxes, bathing boxes or even beach houses, there is never any doubt, when mentioned alongside Muizenberg, that people are referring to the stretch of colourful beach huts on Muizenberg beach… The beach with its huts is a perfect setting for safe swimming, family outings, learning to surf, sun-bathing and ice-cream […]

YWAM Muizenberg album is out!!

NEW MUSIC Finally the YWAM Muizenberg album is out. There’s so much story in it I’m sure I’ll be processing for awhile more and savoring this season creating with the Lord and with friends. The dream was always just to capture what was happening in muizenberg. These songs are just a seed. They are prayers […]

The Children at Risk (CAR) DTS

Too good not to share! 😍 Children at Risk (CAR) DTS, September 2021- February 2022. CAR second level school begins at the end of this month! If you’re interested in coming to YWAM Muizenberg to learn more about God and missions— send us a DM, check out our schools highlight, or visit our website linked […]

YWAM Muizenberg | Still The Same (Official LIVE Music video)

Lyrics: When my faith seems weakLord remind of all i’ve seenYour faithfulness has never failed meYour faithfulness is always right on time Oh that Cross that saved me that day it’s still doing the sameits still doing the same In all my failures and defeatsYou gave me Your victoryNow I don’t live for my own […]

YWAM Muizenberg | Joyful Noise

Lyrics: I come in with singingcome with a songJesus You will use it I’ll serve you with gladnessIt’s an honour and a joyGod you are my purpose We enter your gates with thanksgivingWe come into your courts with praise Let US make a joyful noiseLet our praises fill the earth You’re taking our storyYou turn […]