How to apply for a
Discipleship Training School (DTS)?

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Step 1

Every Discipleship Training Schools, is different and the first thing to do is to pick the one that you want to do. You find them on this page.

Step 2

On the school you want to do, you find a apply button. If you click on it, it will bring you to the page with two forms. One for you (the application form) and one for somebody that is your reference (the reference form).

Step 3

After you have applied and sent the reference form to the person that is your reference, you will be contact by the school staff of the school that you applied for.

What is an everyday disciple? , How do we bring Jesus into our studies, work, friendships and family life?

Discipleship Training Schools (DTS)

We all need to have healthy rhythms, friends to pray with and honest fellowship while staying tuned to God and what His heart is for every area of our lives. Discipleship Training School will equip you with the right tools to live a healthy and balanced life. Being a disciple is not an addition to your daily life but rather an integrated part of it. Discipleship is all about everyday life.

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