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Clever Kids

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A community is a group of people who are defined by the location of where they live as well as their culture, values, and way of living. Communities are comprised of individuals, individuals with circumstances that affect the quality of their lives. In the Community Development Department we recognize that communities will only be changed by the transformation of the individuals in that community.

We, as the Community Development Department focuses on several types of communities within the City of Cape Town. In these communities we reach out to the down trodden to see transformation. As the lives of these individuals change they become catalysts for change in the greater community. Some of the groups of people we focus on and the ministries we use are:


In the City of Cape Town there is an influx of refugees. These refugees have left their countries seeking a better life, a life apart from poverty, war, and oppression. They come to Cape Town looking for more, not only for themselves but also for their families who are often left behind. However, when they arrive they often find themselves in the same situation they were trying to flee from.

Through our work with refugees we create job opportunities, teach English and share Jesus’ love, amongst other practical things. In this ministry we combine practical skills and Jesus to see the quality of life improve amongst this community of people.


In South Africa we have one of the highest prevalence rates of HIV and AIDS in the world. Throughout history there has been a lack of understanding about this disease and with that a stigma that has been attached to those who are infected. Because of the shortage of knowledge about this disease and what God says in His word about those who are suffering, HIV has spread at an alarming rate, and is still spreading in areas of the world that do not have access to this information. This also means that there is also an increase in the amount of people who are discriminated against, perpetuating poverty and high risk situations, let alone the rejection and shame that are associated with HIV.

With this in mind, we focus on sharing knowledge about this disease, knowledge of God’s heart for the poor and needy, and walking alongside individuals who are infected by this sickness. We believe that knowledge brings behaviour change and empowers those with the disease and those who want to help. We can change many lives that have been affected by this terrible epidemic.

Pregnancy Help Centre:

The numbers of teenage pregnancies are rapidly increasing in South Africa and many of these girls go for abortions. Though abortion is legal in South Africa, information of the consequences of abortion is not spoken. These girls often remain ignorant to the fact that post abortion leads to depression, loneliness, low self-esteem, and even suicide.

At the Pregnancy Help Centre we offer confidential counselling and information on other options like adoption rather than abortion. We love the women unconditionally, believing that if she is loved she will extend the same love to her unborn child. We network with other organizations to offer a shelter to the women that do not have a home. We also do presentations at schools, HIV/AIDS prevention teaching, as well as HIV/AIDS testing and counselling.

Note: YWAM Muizenberg does not have its own Pregnancy Help Centre, but assists a Pregnancy Help Centre in the community. You are welcome to come and get trained by the Centre and be a part of this ministry.

Prison Ministry:

Throughout the world there are communities of people who live within a prison system. Most of these people did not receive the love they needed to grow into the men and women they were meant to be. Because of this they find themselves in a cycle of crime that leaves them going from prison system to prison system. Some of these people are fortunate and are able to break that cycle of crime and become productive citizens. But more often these people become trapped within this cycle.

With our Prison Ministry, we believe that these chains from a life of crime can be broken. We believe that the power of Jesus is more than enough to set these people free and to see their lives restored; to become people who love and no longer hurt. In this ministry we work within the prison system within Cape Town. We work alongside the criminals themselves as well as the Judicial Inspector of Prisons who insures the inmates are treated with dignity and their physical needs are provided for. Do you believe radical change is possible? We do, and we have seen it happen with our own eyes.

If you have a heart to see communities transformed through the lives of individuals who are impacted by our amazing God, then the Community Development Department is for you. Apply to join us as staff

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