Clever Kids

Many students in resource limited settings are failing to grasp the basics of education in the foundational phase of school (grade 1-4) which leads to a poor education standard and a lack of confidence resulting in a continuation of the poverty cycle, and a lack of hope for their future lives. We exist to break the cycle, inject hope into their lives and give them a chance to receive a better education.


Seeing healthy, growing kids to know they are loved by God,

to be equipped with the basics of education, and to be motivated about their future – schooling; healthy lifestyles; God’s plan for their lives.


how does it look like?

After school we provide a safe place, a family atmosphere and a nurturing attitude where kids can learn Maths, English and Xhosa and learn about health and hygiene issues under the umbrella of God’s love, to build self-esteem and confidence in each child

Helping kids grow

• Grow in education
• Grow in the knowledge of health (physical, emotional)
• Grow in the knowledge of :


• We provide a meal
• We help with their homework
• We teach and tutor
o Math
o English
o Xhosa
• Health Care – hygiene, cleaning and binding wounds, fluoride treatment for teeth, basic healthcare
• Bible story time
• Daily play time with educational toys


• Prayer
• Volunteering with any of the left activities
• Giving financially, through monthly support, one time gifts or child sponsorship
• Donations in kind – books, school supplies, Voucher for groceries, educational toys

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