Children At Risk




24th September 2020 – March 2020 / Cape Town, South Africa

To train and equip young people who are passionate about Christ and willing to make a difference in the lives of children at risk.

make a difference
in the lives of
Children at risk.

Would you like to be one of those used by God to reach out to children at risk and help in restoring their dignity and transforming their individual lives, families and their community?

Youth With a mission school
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What is a Discipleship Training School (DTS)?

The Discipleship Training School is more of an experience than it is a school. An experience where you develop truth, faith, and character. If you’re tired of the normal classroom setting where you sit back in your chair and absorb facts from a talking head then this is the place for you. A place where we mix the classroom with real life and expose you to experiences that leave you and the world changed forever. During your Children at Risk DTS you will journey into the heart of God. This journey involves learning to see God, yourself and others as God does. It is a time that will instil within you a heart for everyone to know Him, and it is a place where you will be given the opportunity to put that heart into action through hands on experience in ministry in Muizenberg as well as on your outreach. At the heart of any DTS is this:
to know God and to make Him known.

This Children at Risk school is for Christians who are passionate about reaching out to children at risk: like street children, kids from broken families, children with HIV/AIDS, and many other categories of children at risk. Teaching with this focus will happen one day a week during lecture phase and will be the main focus on the outreach phase of the school.

Every Friday during lecture phase there will be a different speaker and a focus on topics relating to children at risk. All speakers are practitioners in there particular field.

How does a dts look like?

The first part of the DTS will take place at YWAM Muizenberg on the Southern Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa. During lectures we will spend time worshipping God together, seeking His heart and searching in His Word for His ways. We will engage in intercession for nations and evangelism in this nation. The DTS is geared to disciple each person by creating a live-learn environment where we rub shoulders with those of different cultures. As we discover others cultures we see more of how God made us and we can celebrate the diversity. Every part of the DTS is designed with help from the Holy Spirit in order to facilitate growth. You will be challenged to live lives that reflect Christ in all you do. While on outreach, we focus on those that don’t have existing relationships with God yet – reconciling them to their Heavenly Father.

Our final three months of DTS will consist of going to the nations in smaller teams on outreach. We will partner with local YWAM bases, churches and ministries sharing the love of Jesus through evangelism, training and mercy ministries. Outreach locations differ from school to school depending on the vision of the school.

We will spend around 1-2 weeks after outreach back in Muizenberg in order to debrief.

If you have any questions about the Children at Risk DTS , check the frequently asked questions page or send us a question below. If you don’t know what to pack, check our packing list!

Meet The School Leader!

Lunathi Joubert

I’m from a small town in the Eastern Cape, South Africa called Engcobo. I came to Muizenberg to do my DTS in April 2014, after my DTS, I did a 6-week ‘Leading by the Spirit’ course. In 2015 I staffed a January DTS, and I have been on staff since then.
I have a big passion for children, young adults and families. I love and enjoy any outdoor activities. I love to do practical things and really enjoy having fun with people. Above all I love Jesus so much and I am passionately dedicated to learn and seek His will for my life and others’. I am really excited for all that He has for us this season.

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Join us for the Children at Risk DTS if you desire to share your life for six months and have a passion for discovering Christ within yourself, within a community of active discipleship, and within a world aching for hope. APPLY TODAY!