Our Campus

YWAM Muizenberg as an organization is involved in ministry all over the City of Cape Town. All of our training, unless otherwise mentioned, happens in Muizenberg, on our campus, which consists of multiple buildings with classrooms, dorms, offices, and so on, all within a 5-min walk from each other.

Our main Base, the building that has been the center of activity in YWAM Muizenberg for years, is a refurbished old hotel. Inside the Base you can find dormitories and class rooms, the kitchen and a courtyard where staff and students can relax.

Our Prayer Room is located inside the Base building. It is a space dedicated for prayer and worship, and works also as a ministry.

The Boutique can be found on the top floor of our Base building. Here we practice generosity -it is an opportunity for people to give and receive clothing, books, or other things.

If you like delicious coffee or other beverages, Lekker Brew is the place for you. In our sunroom on the Base you can find our very own coffee shop, where we sell excellent coffee and a variety of locally made crafts and merch, supporting small businesses. It is also a lovely place for meetings or just hanging out with friends.

After many years of dreaming of a big space to meet as our whole community, we finally purchased a building we today call the Ubuntu Center. Here we host our weekly Base Worships, as well as other meetings and events. The Media Office and a few class rooms are also inside the building. At the back yard of Ubuntu we have a garden, some benches to sit down on, and a playground for the kiddies.

What is unique about our Campus, is that we don’t exist in isolation from our neighbours. Instead of having a large property somewhere in the outskirts of a town, we are located right at the heart of Muizenberg. When one walks from one building to another, one gets to interact and be part of the wider community of Muizenberg itself. This is a beautiful feature of our campus, as we get to experience the vibrant life of Muizenberg. In fact, many of our staff live in normal apartments or houses all across Muizenberg and Cape Town, thus being part of the city of Cape Town.