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YWAM Muizenberg // A multi-cultural community who embraces, equips, and launches all people into all nations to reveal Christ and His Kingdom.

Muizenberg is a beach-side suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. Considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa, it hosts a surfing community centered at the popular "Surfer’s Corner." Muizenberg is also home to our campus which is one of the fastest growing cross-cultural YWAM (pronounced “WHY-wham”) bases in Southern Africa.

YWAM Muizenberg is home to nearly two hundred local and international YWAM staff and students, The presence of us “YWAMers”, as we are affectionately known as, contributes to Muizenberg’s already diverse population.

Muizenberg has become more than just a fun summer destination where learning to surf is the number one activity. Our YWAM Muizenberg campus or “The Base”, as known by many, is located 400 metres or a 6-minute walk from the beach. If you move away from the beach, you will discover some distinctly unique characters in “The Village” at Palmer Road. Book shops, bric-a-brac and eateries all reflect a home-grown culture that makes Muizenberg a one of a kind neighborhood to enjoy all year round.

Back in 1989, God gathered a group of people with a vision to reach the lost and to serve Cape Town. Holding the values of community, reconciliation, equipping, and pioneering as their key foundations, they established YWAM Muizenberg to invest in those who desired to demonstrate the love of Jesus to all people and all nations.  This continues to be the core of who we are, what we believe in and the heartbeat of everything we do.

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We, as YWAM Muizenberg, have four disctinctives; four defining aspects that makes our base unique:

OUR PLACE IS IMPORTANT TO US: Our location in Muizenberg, in Cape Town and in South Africa is an important part of who we are as a part of our historical narrative. No one is located where we are… We are on the tip of Africa. Proximity to diverse circumstances. Muizenberg… Capricorn…Constantia…. Our proximity is unique and of great importance to us.

WE ARE A MULTICULTURAL BASE: We often have over 30 nations represented on our base at one time. This creates a very dynamic environment that increases our ability to gain God’s heart for the world and creates many opportunities to learn from one another. It is a great environment to have your view of the world challenged and refined. There is also great diversity in ministries. This is the future.

WE ARE A PIONEERING BASE: We have an incredible number of ministries that have been pioneered in YWAM Muizenberg. This is a part of our Call as a Base…. We not only desire to gather many nations in one location, but we seek to see these people equipped to go out into all nations to reach the lost. In line with this, we run various training schools as well as host many ministries that you can take part in after DTS, if you desire. Our family is your family. 

WE VALUE RELATIONSHIPS: Ubuntu. What holds us together is Ubuntu… We need one another. Passing on of values is not only didactic. Values can also passed on via stories. Relationships are our currency. We as YWAM Muizenberg are as multicultural community who embrace, equip, and launch people into all nations to reveal Christ and his Kingdom.

EQUIP // We are thankful to have 5 properties in the beautiful town of Muizenberg to facilitate our training programs which take place each year. Made up of “the Base”, an office, two houses, and the Ubuntu Centre, they are an answer to prayer and a result of God’s incredible provision!

Come join us for a school, seminar, or workshop! Visit our website (linked in bio) to learn more.

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Muizenberg or “Muiz”, as it is affectionately known to locals, has significantly grown as a suburb and so has our Campus.  We believe that God wants to establish His Kingdom here on Earth. We desire to introduce God’s Kingdom into the communities of Muizenberg and surrounding areas in order to facilitate restoration and transformation through a holistic approach –If God is not Lord of IT ALL, God is not Lord AT ALL. The communities we work within are affected by crime, HIV/AIDS, poverty, domestic violence, fatherlessness, addiction, and many other ailments. Our goal is to meet these people through various innovative means that will enable us to bring God’s transformative power into their lives and communities. Today we have twenty+ fully engaged ministries serving not only in Muizenberg but in the surrounding communities as well.

You can do a bit of everything in Muizenberg. Take the “St James walk” along the seashore from Muizenberg to St James, home to the cluster of the well-known and oft-photographed colorful bathing boxes. Say hi or “Aweh bru” (Common greeting, equivalent to Hi bro) to every man and his dog on Zandvlei walking along the water’s edge of the vlei. Ride a skate/long-board on the different venues. Enjoy the ever-fascinating drive at the “Boyes Drive” or simply get ready to be wowed by the divine view of the whole suburb from the high point of Muizenberg peak. We ought not to forget the “Blue Bird Garage Market”. It calls itself a ‘one-stop Friday evening venue dedicated to the procurement of gourmet dishes, ingredients, fresh food, artisan products and bespoke goods’. This sums it up quite well.

As a Campus, we reflect the beautiful diversity of South Africa and 30+ nationalities around the world. Our hope is to represent the Rainbow Nation we live in and God’s desire for unity and reconciliation. We serve the communities of Muizenberg and Cape Town while releasing people to go and serve throughout South Africa and other countries around the world.

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