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1, You are part of a global movement

When you sign up to do Discipleship Training Schools (DTS), you are joining an ever-growing, multi-cultural movement of people from across the world with one common purpose: To Know God and To Make Him Known. YWAM has been around for over 50 years, with more than 25,000 students going through the Discipleship Training School program every year. We are an apostolic community with the Gospel readily on our tongues, dreaming with God to witness the Great Commission being fulfilled, and for every nation to experience the Kingdom of God. This is who we are and what we are inviting you to be a part of.

2, You will encounter God deeper than ever before

DTS is a unique time in your life where you put everything aside for the single purpose of pursuing God – full time. You may have just become a Christian or you’ve been serving in ministry for years, during a DTS you will get to know and experience God like never before. In Him, there are new depths of intimacy, deeper places of healing, a greater sense of identity, and a wider range of skills equipping you for a lifetime of serving Jesus that you will encounter in DTS.

3, You will realize how little you know

In the country you are from, you grew up believing certain things that is foreign in other nations. This can be a harsh reality, but it is equally true everywhere. In fact, it is something every missionary and cross-cultural traveler realizes sooner or later.

My suggestion? Fully embrace the quest for understanding! It’s fun and you will make lots of friends along the way! Here are some helpful hints to boost your confidence:

Do NOT says
You have NEVER heard of “….”????

DO say
Give a short explanation and carry on.

Do NOT says
That’s not what WE do in our country!

DO say
That’s so cool! I didn’t know you could do it that way, please tell me more!

4, Flexibility is about to become your middle name

This may include eating very unfamiliar foods, sharing a living space with multiple other adults, last minute ministry opportunities… DTS has a way of taking you out of your comfort zone, stretching your capacity to see the greater picture, and teaching you to prefer and love your neighbor.

5, You actually won’t need a lot of things

Let’s face it, you have too much stuff. And in DTS, you will be sharing a room with other people with too much stuff. Do yourself (and your roommates) a favor and only bring what’s necessary. If you are worried it won’t be enough, you can always find somewhere to buy needed items when you arrive at your location. Take the challenge! Ask yourself; “What can I live without for six months?” Do it right – and it will add to the experience!

To find out what to bring click here for ‘What to pack for DTS

What is an everyday disciple? , How do we bring Jesus into our studies, work, friendships and family life?

Discipleship Training Schools (DTS)

We all need to have healthy rhythms, friends to pray with and honest fellowship while staying tuned to God and what His heart is for every area of our lives. Discipleship Training School will equip you with the right tools to live a healthy and balanced life. Being a disciple is not an addition to your daily life but rather an integrated part of it. Discipleship is all about everyday life.

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