Youth With A Mission Muizenberg - Cape Town

To know God
and make
GOD known

To know
God and
make GOD

We are a multi-cultural community which embraces, equips, and launches all people into all nations to reveal Christ and His Kingdom.



Discipleship Training School (DTS) will teach you about the character of God while you experience His goodness in a brand new way.


YWAM courses, often called “schools,” combine theory with practical application. They usually last between three and nine months.


We desire to serve alongside people in their communities to see restoration and transformation through a holistic approach.

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Training School

These are some of our upcoming schools

Titus Project

July 2, 2024

Titus Project is a three-month program designed to equip SBS graduates to become teachers and to send them to places which are in desperate need of Bible teaching

School of Biblical Studies

September 19, 2024

This school of biblical studies is a nine month course in which you get to see the bigger picture of God’s Word.

Foundation for Counseling Ministry

January 11, 2024

The Foundations for Counseling Ministry (FCM) course is about counseling and inner healing.

School of Worship & Prayer

January 11, 2024

This school is for anyone with a hunger to grow in prayer, worship or the prophetic. It centers around the question of how can we stir up a culture of prayer and worship

About us video

At YWAM Muizenberg, we believe that God wants to establish his Kingdom in our neighborhoods. We desire to introduce God’s Kingdom into broken communities to see restoration and transformation through a holistic approach. The communities we work within are ravaged by crime, HIV/AIDS, poverty, domestic violence, fatherlessness, addiction, and many current and historic traumas. Our goal is to serve people through various innovative means and create room for God’s transformative power to take root into their lives and communities.

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