Organisational Development Seminar

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Many people have a ministry vision or dream but lack the practical tools to see this vision become a reality. This one week seminar will equip you with the basics of making a dream a reality.

Organisational Development Seminar topics:
Project planning
Strategic planning
Organizational values
Organizational governance
Report writing
Proposal writing

You will achieve the following outcomes by the end of the week:
The participant should have obtained a general understanding of how to start a ministry, project or organisation. The person should have developed an insight into how to plan a project and the different steps involved. This includes the content of a strategic plan including an action plan.

Further insights will be developed about accountability of a project such as governance and what this all entails. In order to make a project sustainable the person will be taught how to write management reports, fundraising proposals as well as the dynamics of fundraising will be addressed.

Course Fees:
If you live in Campus housing:
Category A- R1,207
Category B- R798
Category C- R665

If you live off Campus:
Category A- R720
Category B- R553
Category C- R453

Registration Fees:
Cat A: R500
Cat B: R300
Cat C: R250

*Please read our finance policy for an explanation of fees and categories.

This seminar is taught by a Toby Brouwer from Beautiful Gate International. Toby Brouwer has 20 years of non-profit organisational experience in South Africa and internationally.

This seminar accredited through the University of the Nations. Because it is a seminar, it is open to all applicants irregardless of the completion of a Discipleship Training School. One (1) semester-equivalent credits will be earned upon successful completion of the Organisational Development Seminar.