Islamic Studies Seminar

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The Islamic Studies Seminar is a 4 week seminar aimed to equip those with a heart to communicate Jesus to Islamic believers.  The seminar starts with 3 weeks of lectures in which you learn to understand Islam from the perspective of a Muslim believer.  In the week 4 the participants engage in ministry in the city of Cape Town together.

The Heart

Thirteen years ago I became a Christian and was introduced to missions. My Pastor took me to Seminary almost immediately after been lead to Christ. I soon realised in listening to discussions that many if not most Christian missionaries believe it is “impossible to reach out to the Muslims.” These are the lies that keep re occurring over and over every where I go. Effectively they believed that “it’s impossible to preach to the Muslims with success.”

Another notion that we have as a Christian body is “ it takes God to supernaturally appear to the Muslim before he can be willing to convert.” Hearing this breaks my heart and I think it breaks the heart of God as well. Miracles are great but God can move in more ways than this!

The truth is we can be more successful then we are. It is important to know them and seek to understand them. We have to try to see it from their perspectives not from our own perspective. Regretfully, what we often teach about Islam is from our perspectives not from theirs. Often we make statements such as “Muhammed is an armed robber” or “Muslims are terrorist.” This does not build understanding or relationships. Some of our statements can be provocative, and it is the opposite of what we want to do as we aim to “love our neighbors as ourselves”.

– David Joshua, Seminar Leader

It is Possible!

The desire is to see the body of Christ to understand and believe that it is POSSIBLE to reach out to Muslims. The staff of this seminar have been witnessing and reaching out to Muslims for more than ten years and can confidently say that the Muslims are like any other person to reach out to. On some outreaches, they have had 85% to 90% of those that they talk with believing that Jesus is the Son of God. Many of the respondents become missionaries and become obedient to Jesus to the point of death.

It is possible to reach out to Muslims and it is possible to see Muslims born-again. God works in many different way and this school seeks to equip people to see that in their own ministry.

The Aim

This seminar will allow you to invest time into knowing Muslims and their culture from the perspective of the Islamic believer. You will be taught by Muslim background believers and former Islamic scholars who have worked successfully in Muslim outreach for many years. As well, you will be living and learning in the YWAM Muizenberg community in one of Africa’s most vibrant cities, Cape Town.

The following curriculum will be covered

The background of Islam
  1. Pre-Islamic Arabia
  2. The Background of Muhammed
  3. The call and teaching of Muhammed
The Islamic Doctrine and Teaching
  1. Salvation to a Muslim
  2. Muslim view of Heaven
  3. Islamic Worldview
The effective strategy on how to reach Muslims
  1. The contrast of Grace
  2. The John 4 approach
  3. The consequences of following Christ for a Muslim
The outreach
  1. The fourth week of the Seminar will be spent doing outreach into the city of Cape Town.

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