Experiencing the Word: Combined DTS & SBS

Experiencing the Word! 18 Month Combined Discipleship Training School & School of Biblical Studies – Apply Today!

September of 2018 / Muizenberg, South Africa

Jesus, the Word made flesh, invites us to enter into fellowship with the Father, the Son, & the Holy Spirit, and with His body, to enjoy Him and participate with Him in the expansion of His Kingdom in this world. The heartbeat of this extended DTS/SBS journey is that each person would come to experience the life of Christ and his empowering presence made available to us every moment of every day and have the opportunity to see this become an integral part of the rest of our lives. We want to grow in living & loving like Jesus, the Word made flesh.

We are excited to bring together into one program both the Discipleship Training School and the School of Biblical Studies. We want to create a sense of continuity between these two schools, bringing them together in a way that they flow naturally together. From the discipleship experience of a DTS with weekly topics, on to DTS outreach, and then returning for a continuation of that same experience while studying through each book of the Bible, journeying with the same students and staff each step of the way, finishing with a second outreach at the end. In order to facilitate the processing and the pace desired, we have extended the SBS an additional month to 10 months. This combined experience, with both DTS & SBS outreaches, will create an opportunity to see not only incredible growth and impact, but to set in place lifelong rhythms of knowing God & making Him known.

Come join us at YWAM Muizenberg, in the beautiful city of Cape town. Just a couple minutes walk from a surfer’s paradise and a few more minutes from nearby township communities. We will regularly engage with God’s heart and actions in and around this incredible community.

Outreach locations have not been finalized, but will include working among the Syrian refugees, as well as locations in Africa, & Asia.

The program will begin with the March DTS and outreach (more info here). Whichever students are interested, can then choose to continue on for the remainder of the SBS & SBS outreach (for more information about SBS click here). For those interested in this program, they would need to apply for a special extended visa in their home country before coming. Please be aware that this can take some time as it requires a background check and often an in-person visit to the nearest South African embassy.

The heartbeat of this 18 month extended DTS/SBS journey is that each person would come to experience the life of Christ and his empowering presence made available to us every moment of every day and have the opportunity to see this become an integral part of the rest of our lives. This will be our second time running it, the first one has been so transformational that we knew we had to run it again.

Meet The School Leaders!

James Lunn & Hans Oines

James & Hans have a combined almost 40 years of experience in YWAM, having led many schools including SBS’s and DTS’. Their passion is seeing people discipled to live and love more like Jesus.

Hans & James have worked closely together for the last 9 years. They did their Master’s degree together, led schools together and both have 3 kids under 5 years old.

James and Hans both joined YWAM 19 years ago. James in Perth, Hans in Switzerland. Both have spent much of that time focusing on Biblical training and teaching and discipleship.


*While the DTS lecture phase & outreach have been set, the SBS portion is still being finalized and is subject to slight adjustments.

DTS Portion:
Lecture Phase: September of 2018
Outreach Phase: December to February
DTS Graduation:

During the 4 weeks between end of DTS & beginning of SBS there will be a local outreach and leadership track that will be offered for those who remain in Muizenberg.

SBS Portion:
* This consists of 3 standard 3 month quarters as well as an additional 10th month at the end and a final 3 week debriefing time at the end of the outreach.
Lecture Phase: April 2019
Outreach Phase: February to March 2020
Final Debriefing: March 2020

Tuition Cost

YWAM Muizenberg has a category system which aims to enable all students, regardless of social or economic background, to attend our training programmes. The fees below are according to category. You can find out more about our fees, which category you fall in to and financial policies here.

*Because of the length of this course, it is our recommendations that all participants look at raising committed monthly support rather than just a lump sum at the beginning.  It is only possible to give a very broad estimate at this point, but the all inclusive price for the 18 months including all accommodation and food, both outreaches, lecture phases, and costs of staying between quarters, etc will likely be between 110,000 rand to 160,000 rand depending on which category you fall in to and where you go for outreach. Divide that by 18 and it would be recommended that you trust God to raise about 8,500 rand a month if you are coming from outside of Africa or about 7,200 rand a month for those from South Africa. Note: for those coming internationally, the rand can fluctuate quite a bit, at the moment 8,500 rand would be about 500 US dollars a month, at this time last year, it would have been about 770 US dollars.

Qurarterly Lecture Fees:

Cat A: R19,900
Cat B: R14,500
Cat C: R11,990
*There will be a slight increase in these fees that will be posted soon.

Registration Fees:

Cat A: R500
Cat B: R300
Cat C: R250

Outreach Fees
Approximately R25,000 to R30,000 depending on location.

Come and join us on this epic journey as we go deeper with God and His heart for people and nations.

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Note: The DTS is the entry level course for anything you want to do in YWAM, whether that be becoming a full-time staff member or continuing on in your education through the University of the Nations.