Discipleship Training School

Upcoming Schools: 31 March, 23 June, 22 September 2014 – Apply Today!

The Discipleship Training School is more an experience than it is a school.  An experience where you develop truth, faith, and character.  If you’re tired of the normal classroom setting where you sit back in your chair and absorb facts from a talking head then this is the place for you.  A place where we mix classroom with real life and expose you to experiences that leave you and the world changed forever.

During your DTS you will journey into the heart of God.  This journey involves learning to see God, yourself and others as God does.  It is a time that will instill within you a heart for everyone to know him, and it is a place where you will be given the opportunity to put that heart into action through hands on experience in ministry in Muizenberg as well as on your outreach.  At the heart of any DTS is this…to know God and to make Him known.

Come join us for this life changing experience and see how you can change the world.  Are you ready for the challenge?

January 2014 DTS
This January we have TWO schools running! We have our DTS that will run its lecture phase at our Muizenberg Campus and send outreaches into Africa and Asia that will start January 5th AND we are excited to be running the EPIC DTS, a mobile safari through Southern Africa, that will start in Muizenberg on January 13th and finish in Malawi on June 27th alternating between lecture and outreach in each location. If you love adventure and camping and seeing the heartbeat of Africa check out the EPIC DTS link below. Be sure to clearly state which January DTS you are applying for.

To learn more about the EPIC DTS click here.

Upcoming 2014 DTS Dates
5 January
13 January (EPIC DTS – See explanation above)
31 March
23 June
22 September

Tuition Cost
YWAM Muizenberg has a category system which aims to enable all students, regardless of social or economic background, to attend our training programmes. The fees below are according to category.  You can find out more about our fees, which category you fall in to and financial policies here.
Cat A: R17,500
Cat B: R12,990
Cat C: R9,990

In addition, there is a cost for the “Outreach Phase” of your DTS.  This cost can vary from R10,000 to R20,000.

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Note: This school is the entry level course for anything you want to do in YWAM, whether that be becoming a full-time staff member or continuing on in your education through the University of the Nations.

Want to see where we are, what Muizenberg looks like, what you will be doing on a DTS and the ministries you will be involved in with YWAM Muizenberg? Check out this video!