Church Planting & Leadership Seminar


CHR 133 – Church Planting & Leadership Seminar

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This seminar gives students a grasp of God’s heart for all nations, especially the least reached peoples of the world, and our responsibility to reach them all. It also gives students some basic training on how to effectively start and multiply church planting movements among a least reached people group through contextualized evangelism. This Seminar is COMPACT and INTENSIVE training of our former – School of Church Planting and leadership CHR – 233 – The course is designed for any missionaries, YWAM frontiers, pastors, lay leaders who intend to be a greater evangelists, cross cultural missionaries and Church planters or those just starting out in church ministry especially if is among the Unreached People Groups . Topics covered include: Simultaneous Multiplication of a Church Planting Movement I and II. Church Planting Movement in The Book of Acts part III. Kairos – Missiology/Cross-Cultural. The Big Picture. Foundations/Church Leadership. Muslin Evangelism. Identifying and developing leaders, church planting (principles, models, stages of growth and multiplication); In some locations, this course has an emphasis on developing a Cell Church model for effective evangelism and discipleship among the UPG’s (Unreached People Groups).

Prerequisite for the SCPL: DSP 211 & 212


School Topics to be covered:

#                   Week Topics Speakers
01 03rd April 07th April Church Planting Movement Fred Berington / SA
02 10th April 14th April Practical implementation Geraldo Braga /BR
03 17th April 21st April THE BIG PICTURE/Storytelling John D’achadda /SA
04 24th April 28th April Jesus Style of Leadership/Pioneering Edwin Fillies / SA
05 01st May 05th May KAIROS / Missiology Willem Nel / NE
06 08th May 12th May CPM in The Book of Acts James Lunn / USA

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Credits: 3-6


A word from the school leader to you:

Should You, Could You…Would You?
“Waves crashed onto the continents, advancing inland until all the nations were covered.” God gave Loren Cunningham an amazing vision back in 1960. Loren said, “As I watched, the waves became young people of all races…going from house to house. Helping the lonely and the hungry. Caring for people everywhere they went…”

Would these waves result in fellowship being established in areas where none existed before? In the 1980’s this became a big question for our mission.

Planting churches among the unreached – I wonder if you should.


Church Planting is Biblical:
• Floyd McClung wrote, “It is essential we recognize the New Testament does not speak of just winning ‘Sheep’ but also forming them into ‘flocks’…Church planting is a fulfillment of God’s desire to gather (His people) into kingdom communities.”

Church Planting is Urgently Needed Among the Unreached.
• About three billion people in the world do not yet know Jesus Christ. Almost two-thirds of them have no viable church in their culture – no one in their midst to share the Gospel with them. The vast majority live within the “10/40 window”, spanning from West Africa through East Asia.

Church planting is Essential to Missions Strategy.
• Peter Wagner, considered by many to be the foremost authority on church growth told us, “The best method under heaven for evangelism is church planting. There never was a better method and there never will be.”

Church Planting is “the Word of the Lord”
• As a mission, we also heard God’s voice in prayer. The Holy Spirit stirred YWAMers to commit them to pioneer church planting. In obedience and faith, teams were formed and launched.

Once you know you should plant churches, I wonder if you could plant churches.

Knowing you should, aware you could, the next thing to do is to ask if you would come to attend the next CP Course in YWAM Muizenberg, Cape Town.


Our Vision and Our values!

If you want something to last a season

~~~Plant flowers!~~~

If you want something to last a lifetime

~~~Plant trees!~~~

If you want something to last for eternity

~~~Plant churches!~~~


Vision – “That every YWAM church planting team will have access to ‘an experienced, skillful, effective coach’ who is available to offer them advice and training as they pursue a Church Planting Movement among their target unreached people group.”

Values – School of Cross-Cultural and YWAM Church Planting Coach is the same as a service of YWAM Frontier Missions. As an Integral part of YWAM International, we fully affirm our larger mission’s values. We also affirm that the following list of Frontier Missions Values address and guide our contributions within the wider YWAM movement,”

•  Completion of the Great Commission.
We value the evangelization and discipleship of all peoples with a focus on the “unreached peoples”.

• Church Planting Movements.
We value church planting movements as an essential strategy in reaching unreached peoples.

• Holistic Transformation.
We value holistic transformation of people and their communities through both proclaiming the Good News and demonstrating the Kingdom of God.

• Cultural Relevance.
We value each human culture and language and the treasures each brings into the Kingdom of God. Therefore we plant churches that are Biblically based and culturally relevant to their members.

• Mobilizing All Peoples.
We value the participation of The Church within every people group in evangelizing and Discipling all peoples.

• Strategic Partnership.
We value partnering with the diverse family of ministries within YWAM and the Church internationally, working toward our common vision.

• Staff Care.
We value our coworkers and their families and are committed to their ongoing care, development and Ministry effectiveness.


From the 03rd of April to 12th of May 2017

Course Fees:
Category A: R 10’000,00
Category B: R 7’500,00
Category C: R 6’000,00


Course Registration:
Category A: R 500,00
Category B: R 300,00
Category C: R 250,00


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