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This form is for ministry leaders at the Muizenberg Campus. To submit details of their ministry that will be communicated on the website and social media.
  • About You

    Just some information incase we need to follow up with you.
  • What is your role in this ministry?
  • About your Ministry

    Tell us about the ministry you are a part of within YWAM Muizenberg.
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  • If applicable
  • Where is your ministry based?
  • How and When did your ministry begin.
  • TIP: Think big picture. For example: Island Breeze- 'Using cultural performing arts to proclaim truth and bring hope'.
  • TIP: What you hope your ministry releases into the world / to people. Big Picture.
  • TIP: The practical part. Please list and describe. For example- 'Discipleship. Working with men in the local communities...'. 'Teaching. We regularly send teams to..' 'Host Workshops. Every month we gather those who want to know more about..' etc
  • Specific areas where people can get involved in your ministry. For example 'Bible Teachers, Worship Leaders, Web Designers, Mentors for young girls'. Etc.
  • TIP: What people can expect to grow and be part of if they join your ministry. 'You will grow in your understanding of God's calling as an Artist, and see the change that God can bring to lives through your obedience to His will and use of your gift. You will work with homeless people and victims of domestic violence and see how God uses art to transform lives and draw people to Himself.'
  • Please list by name. This will not be published, but is just for our records.
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  • Is there anything else you would like people to know about your ministry?
  • Thank you for taking time to fill this out! It will be great to be able to see all the incredible ministries that are flowing from our base. Please note that whilst we will stick to what you have written as best we can, some of your text may be shortened or slightly edited to be 'website appropriate'. If you have any further comments or questions just let us know.