SBS Questions

The 9-month SBS requires you to have a volunteer’s/visitor’s visa. If you have applied and are accepted for the SBS, you will receive a letter in which is stated that the applicant will be part of YWAM Muizenberg for a period of one year. The one year is intentional in order to give our students the choice to attend the optional Titus Project School, which we aim to run after the SBS.

Following the SBS, we aim to run a school called ‘Titus Project’, a program that has been going on our base since 2007, and its objective is to train up and release SBS graduates to pass on the tools of Inductive Bible Study in areas of the world where Bible training is not readily available. This 3­‐month outreach is optional for SBS graduates. Class Size/Age

Depending on the amount of staff, our schools ranges from approximately 20-‐40 students, aged from 18-50 years old. YWAM Muizenberg is known for its international and cultural diversity.

The YWAM Muizenberg campus is an old hotel that can accomodate up to 70 students. Typically, the rooms can fit 4 people and each room has its own en-suite bathroom. On the 1st floor, you will also find our laundry room. On the 2nd floor, you will find our prayer room. Apart from a few staff and our Campus Life Team, no other staff live on the base. On the ground floor, you will find three lecture rooms, the kitchen & washing area, the dining hall, a sunroom with relaxing couches, a pool table and a coffee shop. Outside you will also find a small backyard.

Besides the campus, YWAM Muizenberg has three separate houses close to the base, in which we host mostly SBS students, staff members and outreach teams. Our main building is a 5-minute walk from the beach. Muizenberg is known for their surfers. We have a few staff members who rent out boards and wetsuits and they are also willing to give surfing lessons. Besides surfing, there is also the opportunity to play soccer and basketball by the vlei (lake). Not only is Muizenberg next to the ocean, but also next to the mountain called Muizenberg Mountain. This mountain is good for hiking and is also part of the Cape Peninsula, which the more experienced hikers can hike all the way to Table Mountain (A two-day hike). Muizenberg

Muizenberg is a suburb of Cape Town. Cape Town is a international world city. There’s a shopping mall about a 10-minute drive away (also easily accessible by train) from Muizenberg with all the necessary shops and more that provide anything you need. From clothing and electronic devices to crafts and daily food. Muizenberg itself has a supermarket, several coffee shops/restaurants at the beachfront and in the village. There is also a local pharmacy available at a 5minute walk from the base.

We value the safety of our students highly and have therefore some rules which we ask our students to abide by. Those rules include not going out on the streets by yourself but always in groups, especially in the evening, and if you’re female, always have male escorting you, if you want to go and buy something at one of the shops.

Besides the first three weeks of the SBS, a normal week has usually three mornings of lecture. Each morning lecture starts with either worship, intercession, small group, processing time or other similar things. The lectures are about 3 hours each, with short breaks in between them. During the week, there will be work duties, local outreach and the rest of the time for studying. Manage your time wisely and there will be enough time to socialize and to explore a bit of the area. We encourage all of our students to take a Sabbath every week. SBS requires mostly 6 days a week of studying.

School fees are included with housing and the three main meals on base. Students who already live in the Muizenberg area are allowed to live off-base. Their school fees are excluded with housing and two main meals. For students who have allergies or restrictions where they cannot eat certain food, it can be aranged for them to not eat the base food which can be remitted from the school fees.

Between each quarter there will be at least 1 week of break. During these weeks, students are allowed to stay on base. Depending which break, there will be some or no costs for staying on base.

Immunizations are only needed when traveling through a country in which certain immunizations are required.

According to which time period the school is, please plan to dress accordingly. Muizenberg is somewhat know for its unpredictable weather and for being windy almost all the time.

Winter (~5–20 Degrees Celsius): June -­‐ August
Spring (~10-­‐23 Degrees Celsius): September -­‐ November
Summer (~17-­‐30 Degrees Celsius): December -­‐ February
Autumn/Fall (~10-­‐23 Degrees Celsius): March -­‐ May

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