Rebecca, Germany

”My personality has been His workplace. I often got annoyed by my team but God has taught me to be humble and selfless. I learned it over and over again and I see how much freedom it has brought to me and how it reflects in my relationship with people. He has shown that he has got it all through my questions and insecurities about ministry. He is already at work and he is inviting me to engage with Him, he invites me to be his mouth and to show his love. I want to grow much closer to God and to see freedom in the townships we are ministering to as we continue to build relationships.
Outreach has been amazing, I can see how God is working and using this time. It has been greater that my expectations. I encourage others that before and on outreach to always come back to God by submitting your life and ministries plans to Him. And most important enjoy it, outreach is a unique opportunity.”

//Rebecca, Germany.
– DTS student on Outreach in South Africa, from YWAM Cologne.