Ministry opportunity

Ministry opportunity


Here is some more information about that specific ministry options that we have

Youth Ministry
This Youth ministry is based in one of the underprivileged community called Steenberg. The
ministry reaches over 40 kids between the ages of 13-18 years. The reality for most of these
teens is they live in high stress atmosphere due to a high rate of illness, violence, and death in
the community. Therefore, the purpose of this ministry is to create a space for young people to
express themselves, be heard, experience healthy human contact and gain relational
boundaries. They are involved in motivational skill building and outdoor excursions. On
excursions, the youth from these disadvantaged areas are taught life skills through basic life
coaching that they can apply in the life-threatening and high stress situations they are faced with


Train Ministry into Cape Town
This is an evangelism focused ministry. Cape town trains are transporting masses of people
from local communities to the urban city daily. We use the train system as opportunity to bless
commuters with worship and praise. During this time, there is opportunity for your team
members to pray and give testimony with the aim of sharing about the love of Jesus. We have
seen the Holy Spirit move and touch many lives through this act. We are so blessed to share
with you the story of a previous team members trust to step out and share Jesus to another.
Because of that trust a young man was touched by the Holy Spirit and gave his life to Christ. He
did his Discipleship Training School with YWAM 6 months later. We believe that God always
has appointments with someone during train ministry and know he moves in the hearts of his
people in ways we are not always blessed to see.


Children’s ministry
A major part of our heart beat as an outreach Department is children’s ministry. Our purpose in
partnering is to come alongside trained teachers who are involved in the community and focus
on Early Childhood Development. This focus covers Infants, toddlers and pre-school ages. In
this ministry, the teachers give children an opportunity to engage in a variety of educational and
social activities such as reading, writing, crafts/drawings exc. This creates a healthy space for
them to thrive developmentally. Your team would have opportunity to encourage and stand by
these hardworking teachers while also creating activities based in the wholistic Gospel for the
children. One of the greatest fruits this bares is showing the nurturing heart of God, speaking
value and worth into the children and the long term hands that provide for them. This is a deep
desire we have as a department because we believe God will continue restoring communities
through the thriving of our children.


Door to Door and Street Evangelism.
Cape Town is a laidback and friendly city where people have time to stop and talk. They are
open to meet new people and hear what they have. Whether on the train, through an open air
event or being welcomed into someone’s home people are looking for hope and
encouragement. This makes evangelism an exciting opportunity. South Africans love to share
and value relationships. So, if you come with hearts open and ready to listen you too will hear
new stories, learn about our experiences and even taste different foods.


Facilitate bible study sessions.
Biblical poverty is a global epidemic. It is the lack of knowledge of God due to little or no resources,
misinterpreted scripture, and no accountability. It unfortunately is common throughout South Africa and
leads to mixing of ritual practices and works based Ideas of God. But the truth we know is of God’s grace
that allows our relationship with him. Therefor it is important to take Gods word into the communities
through bible studies. So; come Join, create and facilitate Bible study with us.
This takes place in the township of Kuyasa. Our main purpose for bible study sessions is to disciple
believers by reading and discussing scriptures together. This brings growth in understanding God’s
Character in line with our hope of eradicating biblical poverty. As a part of this hope we also desire to see
all households of this community having access to a bible. By studying together we stand against biblical
poverty and are a part of Gods plan in restoring relationship with him.