S-CAPE | Restoration from Exploitation

Welcome! S-CAPE is a non-profit organization who is committed to doing our part to bring freedom, justice, and restoration to modern day slaves.  Whoever you are, and wherever you come from, we welcome you to fight this injustice with us.

With an estimated 20.9 million men, women and children currently enslaved of which only 1-2% will every be rescued, it is only natural to become overwhelmed. How does one even begin to tackle such a huge issue? Well, we believe it starts with the ONE. For every ONE that walks through our safe house we welcome with open arms and are once again reminded of the value of each ONE. For this woman, her life will be forever changed.

Our VISION is to see victims of human trafficking free and safe from exploitation, healed, and restored, empowered with life skills, and restored to a normal and sustainable life.


Our Strategy:


S-CAPE makes sure that the physical needs of the residents are properly treated and given the correct medical attention.


Within the Counter Trafficking Coalition (CTC), S-CAPE partners with different organizations such as IOM (International Organization of Migration), DSD, etc. in offering legal assistance to victims of human trafficking, which includes obtaining required documents and paperwork, attending court cases with the young women, and/or with Department of Home Affairs or other necessary embassies.


S-CAPE retains a private, professionally trained security team to ensure the safety of the residents and the staff.


Every girl coming to S-CAPE Home is unique; therefore, every young woman receives one-on-one counseling throughout their stay at the S- CAPE Home.


Based on a 3 stage program, S-CAPE teaches the residents to follow a routine, encourage them to take responsibilities for the wellbeing of the ‘community life’, teach them the necessary skills they need to develop their talents and strengths, and help them acquire what they need to start a new life.


It is S-CAPE’s desire that each of the “graduates” becomes a healthy contributing member of her community, confidently pouring back into others’ lives.


To learn more about S-CAPE please visit www.s-cape.org.za.

For volunteer enquiries please contact contact@s-cape.org.za. Please note that only serious volunteers will be considered for a minimum commitment of 6 months.