Justice [ACTS]

Does Human Trafficking happen in South Africa? The answer is an overwhelming “YES.”

Justice [ACTs] is committed to combat human trafficking in practical ways. We empower the “AT RISK” to protect themselves and their children from falling victim to human trafficking. We also equip the average citizen to combat human trafficking in his or her own community.

Five girls were promised jobs as domestic workers in Cape Town. Three months later they were found padlocked inside a warehouse, where they were being used like slave labor and held prisoner. The word on the street was that they were going to be sold as prostitutes, just like the last batch of girls. Unlike most, their story has a happy ending. The police were tipped off, the warehouse was raided and today the girls are in a safe house. When they arrived at the safe house, “they were like kids at Christmas”, said one of our staff. The girls were overjoyed to sleep in real beds, eat a good meal and most of all to be FREE!

Here are some of the things Justice [ACT]s is involved in:

  • Justice Prevents – Traffick Proof Prevention Campaign
  • Justice Sees – Searching for victims
  • Justice Restores – Victim Assistance and Ministry to Prostitutes
  • Justice Mobilizes – Outreaches, Training and Short-term teams
  • Justice Advocates – Interaction with Government and Political issues
  • Justice Speaks – Media initiatives
  • Justice Prays – Prayer initiatives

We want Justice to do MORE. What do you think Justice should DO through you? If you would like to learn more about Justice [ACT]s go to justiceacts.org.