Church Planting

Within Cape Town there are numerous communities that are stricken by poverty. Unfortunately, poverty often produces a domino effect of dysfunction, adversity and hopelessness. But it is a lie that these communities are hopeless, because God has a plan for them. He has a plan to see these communities reach the potential he has created for them.

The strategy that we use to reach these communities is through a combination of evangelism and church planting. We have a passion to see people come to the Lord and learn to love Him with their whole beings. But our vision does not stop there. We desire to see these individuals come together as the Church of Christ to impact the community around them. To do this we study the Word and allow the power of the written Word to transform their lives. Through these aspects, we see Jesus bring holistic change to the individuals as well as the communities.

Lives and communities are awaiting the transformational power of God, do you want to play a part in bringing His love to them? Come join us in this ministry.