Children in Need

John is a young boy who you will find on the streets of Cape Town. John does not know his father and his mother…she isn’t really around either. At a young age John’s mother became addicted to drugs and is now a prostitute. Because of this John has nowhere to go, he has no place of safety, and not much hope for a future. The sad thing is that John’s story is not the only one of its kind being told in this country, or this world.

In this nation the number of vulnerable children who are living on the streets, abandoned, abused, disabled, or orphaned is alarming. The Children In Need Ministry is a ministry that embraces, encourages, and facilitates ministries that reach these children who are at risk and who are in need. We aim to help restore these children physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But our goal does not end there. We don’t only endeavour to see these children change, but their families and communities also. We do this by reaching the child in their situation, whether that is on the streets, in an abusive family, or if they are in an existing program such as a children’s home, care centre, or soup kitchen. We also take preventive measures, such as working with high-risk families, children, and youth by giving them valuable skills and values to not become at risk.

We are currently assisting a day and night care centre for severely disabled children in the Khayelitsha Township called the Sibongile Day and Night Care Centre. To find out more information about Sibongile and opportunities to serve go to We are also looking for people with the same heart to join our ministry who will bring initiative and fresh ideas to help achieve our goals as a department.