Markus, Germany

“Baptism is just the beginning of a walk with the Lord”
Growing up in church and being part of a Christian community was pretty good. Like my friends, I always wanted to be baptized but I felt that I was never ready or good enough for it. So I always waited for something to happen or change. I wanted to make sure that if I got baptized I would live this Christian life correctly.

The turning point started with my brother, who got baptized two years earlier than me. He lived a lifestyle of parties, drinking, girls and seeking for popularity till he met Jesus. Jesus touched him and transformed his whole life. His new life and walk with the Lord had greatly impacted me and everyone around him. At that time I heard the Sermon series “Not A Fan” by Kyle Idleman. In the Series Kyle talks about the distinction between a fan and a follower of Jesus. Those who cheer and celebrate Jesus on Sundays’ services and those, who really follow his footsteps and live it out every day of the week. It was an eye opener, and I felt convicted that I was a fan. My friends and I lived our own lives, we went to parties on Fridays and Saturdays and went to church on Sundays and that was normal. I called myself a Christian but I didn’t know what it took to be one, because I wasn’t committed to Christ. I had discovered that there was so much more than just going to church on Sundays, and I wasn’t satisfied in being a mere fan. From that point on I started walking on a journey of getting to know Jesus and being his follower. A journey where I learned that following Jesus requires all or nothing, because You must follow him with everything and be fully committed to Him. My mindset and believes where completely transformed as I committed to God.  I understood that I didn’t have to be a super good Christian to be baptized either, cause baptism it is just the beginning of a life. I was baptized in 2015 and it has been the best decision of my life. I want to encourage everyone that you don’t have to be perfect to be a follower of Jesus, because if you truly sick God everything will change.”

//Markus, Germany.
– Student of Engage and Embrace DTS’18.