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Leadership Training School – 25th September 2017 – Apply Today!

The Leadership Training School (LTS) is designed to equip YWAM leaders in the areas of spiritual leadership, organization, management, and communication. It is international both in its student composition and its school staff and speakers. The LTS incorporates a variety of learning contexts. Hands-on workshops enable students to acquire practical skills, and learning groups provide a setting in which to interact, integrate and apply classroom content. Corporate discussions and panels encourage a creative atmosphere for developing innovative concepts and programs. As a final report, each student develops a plan to implement his or her vision for a new mission project.

A word from our forefathers to you – “If you love Jesus first and foremost; if you love His call on your life; if you value people of all nations; if you have a servant, generous, hospitable heart; if you believe in young people; if you recognize your need for others and draw out their counsel in a team context; if you embrace vision, creative ideas and doing new things in new ways – then those you train will know it!

As you impart these values to them, it is my confidence and hopes they will embrace them and grow to be like you, as you follow Jesus.

We as trainers are called to multiply God’s life through our lives in order to raise up a new generation of leaders to be multipliers and help fulfill His ultimate dream of reaching every creature and discipling all the nations”. Principles Made Practical: A Handbook for Pioneering U of N Courses, 2001 Dawn E. Gauslin. Page 14.

Seminar Topics: TBA.

# Week Speakers Topics
01 25th September 29th September


Maureen Menard USA S. Formation/S. Leadership
02 02nd October 06th October


Landa Cope USA / TBC Overview/Disc de Nations
03 09th October 13th October Toby Brouwer NE / TBC

Graham Vermooten / SA

Project Planning and Design
04 15th October 20th September


Loren and Darlene Cunningham / Founder s/ USA

David Hamilton / UofN / USA

05 23nd October 27th October


06 30th October 03rd November Edwin Fillies / SA

Geraldo Braga / BR

Jesus Style of Leadership


Making a difference: See the following examples of what we would like to bring as impartation to the LTS Seminar.

  • To grow in character and leadership
  • To know YWAM better: the structure, leaders, values and vision
  • To discover and grow in personal gifts; help others find theirs
  • To learn how to make better decisions, personally and corporately
  • To learn communication principles and skills.
  • To learn how better manage finances, especially in a different context.
  • To network with LTS staff and other leaders toward the future vision.

Dates: The CHR-305 – Seminar starts on the 25th of September 2017 and goes until the 03rd of November 2017.

Course Fees:
Living on Base for 6 weeks with all meals included:
Category A – R10 626
Category B – R7 752
Category C – R6 750

Living off Base for 6 weeks with lunch:
Category A – R6 906
Category B – R5 817
Category C – R5 738
Registration Fees:
Category A: R 500,00
Category B: R 300,00
Category C: R 250,00


Note: Right now we are offering The Advanced Leadership Seminar (CHR 305) which is a segment of the LTS; therefore, students who take the LTS will not be awarded credit for this seminar, except as part of their LTS credits. Altogether we will be offering other seminars you can do after to combine the Credits for a full LTS program.

  • Check our website under SEMINARS or contact us for further details and orientation.

Prerequisite for the LTS Seminar: Missions leadership experience, consent of your local leader, no outstanding debt within Schools nor base and consent of Seminar leader.

Credits: 1-6


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If you are applying for the 6 week LTS, you do not have to fill in a DNA application. The DNA Infusion is in week 4 and 5 of the LTS.

Open weeks: T.B.A.

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