Fatherlessness is a huge problem in South Africa. Soccer gives us a platform to be involved in the lives of children who won’t necessarily be found in a church. Through soccer we share the gospel and can be positive role models in the lives
of these children.

Soccer with a purpose

OUR VISON — to sharing the gospel through soccer.

OUR FOCUS — Seeing young people finding Hope and purpose in life through knowing their identity in Christ. Reaching out to the children in communities. Seeing lives changed, hope restored and eventually families and communities being transformed because of the power of the gospel.

We practise twice a week in Overcome and once a week in Capricorn. The boys are all between 8 and 15 years old. Each practise includes prayer, skill training, a Bible-talk, a fun match and a (mostly) healthy snack. Once a term we organise a fun outing to build deeper relationships and expose them to Cape Town.

Future Stars is a soccer ministry with the focus on young boys in the community. We use soccer as a platform to share the gospel, be involved in their lives and teach them life skills. We focus on the individual and personal growth and development of the children. Our hope is to see them growing up becoming responsible, God-fearing leaders in their communities.

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