Financial Policy

Youth With A Mission is an international non-profit faith ministry and is not underwritten by any group, church or denomination. The school programs are not financed from outside sources. Costs such as food, electricity, travel, speaker expenses, classroom supplies, etc. are met mostly by the student fees, although reliance is placed on God to provide larger expenses such as the equipment and property. You will be expected to provide your fees as listed below.

All fees are to be paid in Rand, no other foreign currency will be accepted.

As you do the possible (use savings, earn money, sell things you do not need) God will do the impossible as you trust and have faith in Him. Where God guides, He also provides.

Registration Fees

Category A – ZAR 500

Category B – ZAR 300

Category C – ZAR 250

School Fees

We have a category system in operation on this base which aims to enable all students regardless of social or economic backgrounds to attend our training programs.  The following costs are for normal 3-month lecture phase schools (DTS, SBS, SGIS, etc).  For seminars please locate the fees on their respective pages.

Category A – ZAR 19,900

From September 2016 this will increase slightly

 All first world nations (e.g., USA, European Countries, Australia, South Korea)


Category B – ZAR 14,500

From September 2016 this will increase slightly

All second world nations (e.g., South Africa, Botswana, South America)


Category C – ZAR 11,990

From September 2016 this will increase slightly

All developing nations (e.g., African Nations)


We believe that this fee scale reflects an understanding of a loving God who is fully committed to justice and meeting people within the reality of their circumstances. The reality in the world is that not all currencies have equal value, yet our desire is
to see people from all over the world receive quality training. We believe that this financial scale is an attempt to act justly according to an internationally recognized non-arbitrary standard.

Although South Africa is Category B, we recognize that some South Africans may qualify for Category C because of their financial situation. South African students may apply to be changed to Category C. This is decided on a case-by-case basis. Please notify your school leader if you would like to apply for this.

**Please note: The school fees are for a three-month term and include accommodation, meals, and tuition. Costs for the outreach after the lecture phase is in addition to the school fees. This will be determined during the lecture phase and will be each student’s responsibility, but we advise you to budget about R12 000 to R25 000. Please start preparing for these costs in advance, as there is limited time during the lecture phase to raise this money. We encourage all students to arrive with R12 000 towards their outreach phase.

Other costs per Semester:

Cost per spouse not attending school: R8,100.
(From September 2015: R8566)

Costs for children under 2 years: Free

Costs for children 2-12 years: Cat A: R4,713. Cat B&C: R3387.
(From September 2015. Cat A: R4982, Cat B & C: R3647)

Costs for children 13 years – 17 years: Cat A: R7,511, Cat B&C: R6,775. 
(From September 2015. Cat A: R7940, Cat B & C: R7297)

Airport pick up/drop off – R 150

Payment can be made in cash or money transfer. The finance office only accepts rand, no other foreign currency.

Students living off-base

For students that live off base they will pay the following school fees for each category:

Category A – R11 375
(From September 2015: R12 025)

Category B – R  9 743
(From September 2015: R10 493)

Category C – R  8 991
(From September 2015: R10 350)

Payment Deadlines

Fees must be paid in full on the registration day for each school, unless a prior written arrangement has been made with the Training Director. In line with the policy of the University of the Nations, students who are unable to meet their financial obligations will not be allowed to complete the school.

Procedure for Non-completion of a School

Should a student not complete a school, a proportionate refund per uncompleted weeks of that school for accommodations and meals may be made. Refunds will not include tuition costs such as speaker expenses, supplies, etc. These expenses are directly dependent on the number of students originally enrolled in a school at the start of the quarter and therefore unable to be refunded.