DTS Questions

YWAM’s Discipleship Training School is a program designed for those 18 years and older (or who have completed High School) who want to grow in understanding who God is and what it means to live with Him. The DTS takes place in a community setting, inviting people to leave behind work, school studies and other responsibilities for the six months of the program.
Once you graduate from the DTS many doors in YWAM are open to you. In over 1,000 locations worldwide YWAMers are using their talents and gifts to serve Christ and fulfill the Great Commission. Many DTS graduates pursue further education and training through YWAM’s University of the Nations (www.uofn.edu), others join the staff team at the location where they did DTS and some serve at another YWAM location around the world. We would ask you to prayerfully consider continued service with YWAM Muizenberg after completing your DTS. There are a number of ways to be involved.
Topics of the DTS include: Hearing God’s Voice and Intercession; The Nature and Character of God; Father Heart of God; How to share your faith with others; Identity in Christ; Relationships; World Missions; Cross Cultural Communication; Spiritual Warfare; Ministry of the Holy Spirit; The Bible
The DTS Field Assignment is a highlight for many DTS students. The location of the field assignment will be determined shortly after the beginning of the DTS and creatively revealed in class. While in Muizenberg you will have the opportunity to learn about the country and culture where your field assignment will take place. The DTS staff will guide you in understanding the values, strengths and needs of the nation where you will be serving. A primary focus of the field assignment is sharing your faith with those who don’t know Jesus. In addition, there will be opportunity to meet practical needs and partner with local believers.
Once your completed application form (including all three references and the doctor’s evaluation) has been received, the school leaders will prayerfully review and make a decision about acceptance. You will be contacted by email about the decision. You will also receive information about what to bring, the visa process for foreign students who will need a visa.

Monetary Questions

The lecture fees cover housing, food, tuition and local transportation for the three months.
This covers airfare, housing, food and ground transportation. Personal expenses, medical and travel insurance during the lecture phase and transportation to and from Muizenberg are your responsibility. You will be covered by travel insurance during your time on outreach after the purchase of your flight ticket that will be arranged by the outreach leader.
For over 40 years God, has been calling individuals and families to attend the DTS and has provided in a variety of ways. Multiple times, God confirms his direction to attend DTS through provision of the needed funds. Friends who have done a DTS, youth leaders and pastors are often willing to talk and pray with you as you raise the money for the school. Working, selling some belongings, hosting fundraising events and asking for sponsors are some of the ways God may provide for you.
The Registration fee will be added to your school fees and is payable on Registration Day which is the first Monday of the school.

Other Questions

Our campus is an old hotel and can accommodate up to 70 students. Generally, rooms can accommodate 4 people and each room has its own en suite bathroom/shower. All DTS lectures are conducted on the base. Meal preparation, cleaning and other chores will be shared among the students.
If immunizations are needed before going on outreach, the school staff will arrange this with all the other students who need immunizations at a local travel clinic.

Packing List for DTS

1) Passport - Valid for at least 6 months AFTER DTS. Very important if you want to travel at all!
2) English Bible, stationary and a journal (to write down all the amazing things God will speak to you!).
3) Sleeping bag, pillow and pillowcase.
4) Personal Towel. (probably not recommended to share with others)
5) Water bottle.
6) Sunscreen/Sun block.
7) Sunglasses. (For the beach or when you encounter God)
8) Toiletries. (Most items can be brought from a local supermarket nearby)
9) Backpack. (Suitcases are not recommended because of outreach)
According to which time period you are coming, please plan to dress accordingly. This is not a one-size-fit-all guideline because of the unpredictability of Muizenberg's weather, but it would be wisest to have a generic plan.

Winter (About 10 to 20 Degrees Celsius): June - August
Spring (About 13-23 Degrees Celsius): September - November
Summer (~17-30 Degrees Celsius): December - February
Autumn/Fall (~13-23 Degrees Celsius): March - May

1) 3 Sets of Casual Wear (for classes and general activities)
2) 1 Set of Smart Semi-formal Wear (for church and special events)
3) 1 Set of Swimwear (be VERY modest.)
For Men: No speedos or trunks. Only board shorts.
For Women: A fully-pieced one-piece bathing suit. Not half-a-piece. Not 3/4 piece. Contact your local conservative church if you are unsure what an appropriate one-piece looks like.
4) Sweater and Windbreaker (Muizenberg is known by its guests for its gusts.)
5) Winter Jacket (for duh!winter.)
6) Shoes:
1 Set for Hiking (Cape Town is known for hiking mountains with picturesque sights.
1 Set for Special Events
1 Set for Sports (Can be the same one for hiking to save space)
1 Set of Casual (Flip-flops/Sandals)
7) Socks and Underwear (Please do the community a favour and bring more than enough!)

*Please note that everything mentioned above can be bought from a local shopping mall nearby, and you may need to buy new clothes depending on which outreach location you will go to.
1) Electronic devices (Cell phones, Cameras/Laptops and their respective chargers)
We advise to bring as few expensive items as possible and they are all brought at your own risk!
2) Umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh!)
3) Hairdryer, razors, personal care devices.
4) Flashlights (essential for sunrise hikes).
5) Personal medication and dietary supplements. (local pharmacy is available at a 5-min walk away from the base)
6) Musical Instruments (to impress your DTS crush).
7) Accessories (to attract your DTS crush).

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